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I know most are attached to the \’lifestyle\’ they\’re telling us we should be living or chasing after, a lifestyle based on consumerism, exterior beauty, having the latest gear or tech gadgets, owning the biggest house, driving the fastest cars, only seeing things with either our eyes or our cock/pussy, instead of following our mind/heart/soul…. Have you ever asked yourself, where does it all lead us in the end? Does it enrich our soul, empower our faith, free our mind, equip us with wisdom??? Or Does it Enslave us to all their illusions, so we can live shackled to their system of credit, drowning ourselves in debt and for what?!?! For cheap thrills, and temporary satisfaction that won\’t even matter after we die.

I say: Do YOU, and Do Yourself the Biggest Service and Favor you\’ll always be grateful for: Set Your Own Soul & Mind FREE – Free from their B.S., from their Mind-dumbing heart-numbing Nonsense! Rise Above Superficiality and Materialism and all that other garbage they\’re trying so hard to feed us. Wanna Be Cool, don\’t Buy into their B.S. of what cool is, INVENT YOUR OWN COOL! Be Your Own COOL! How? Just By Being unique and Yourself! Don\’t be a temporary trend cuz that is WACK, be yourself, be a CLASSIC.

It is time to SNAP outta Hollywood\’s Hypnosis and their indoctrination of how we should dress, act, say or be. Here are some tips:
1) Don\’t be your ego\’s bitch, Always Keep your Ego in Check, nobody likes or respects an ego-maniac, NOBODY.

2) don\’t believe everything the history books taught you in school, did you ever wonder who WROTE them and what was their agenda? Oh yea, it\’s all conspiracies right, I forgot (that\’s sarcasm btw). Get Your Facts Straight, Read different sources of information, analyze and dissect all that you\’re reading, flex your mind\’s powerful muscle… YOUR BRAIN!

3) don\’t be afraid to re-program your mind, I know it\’s not an easy task but it ain\’t as hard as you think it might be. In other words, THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

4) For the sake of your own brain\’s health, stop watching too much TV, or playing too much video games. I ain\’t telling you give them up, but at least balance them out with intellectually stimulating activities. Organize fund-raisers, collect food and clothes for less fortunate people, be cool by doing righteous deeds unto others.

Those are as much directed towards me as they are towards the world. I ain\’t perfect, not by a long shot, but I am consciously working to improve myself, from within so I can positively impact the world outside me. Yo, it ain\’t easy, but easy is for chumps, tough is for the CHAMPS!

On that note…
Peace, Respect, Much Love and
always in ALL ways…

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