SOME DEEP RHYMES (Caution: Extremely Spiritual Content- It Might Open Your Eyes)

Money comes and hoes blow But I aint ever gonna sell my soul,
Mama raised me to stay in control so as far as my foes go,
I leave\’em up to God to deal with cuz my purpose is spiritual healin,
wake up in the morn and pray for forgiveness
cuz I know to clean up shit I gotta get my hands dirty,
if I die don\’t mourn me just continue the legacy
of those that came before I, wake up from the black magic & the lies
Dig for the truth that\’s a responsibility of all the youth
otherwise expect to live blind like most of the lost and dazed humankind
Remember that to believe in God, you need to start with Faith
it starts within you, it\’s putting Love in the right place
We ain\’t civilized till we have respect for all living under God\’s grace
Don\’t let them tell you otherwise, they WIN when you\’re Hypnotized
Who\’s they? Ask Micheal Jackson, Ask Bob Marley, Ask Tupac Shakur
Ask Mahatma Ghandi, Ask Malcolm X, Ask whoever is murdered for speakin the truth next
Listen to the wise revolutionaries that gave up their lives selflessly
fighting in the name of justice and unity, but now it\’s all about superficiality

Osama Obama Different bullshit, Same Drama
Music video selling you flashy dreams Tellin you You aint shit if u aint flashin rings
I\’ll sum them up for you: Hot Rides, Slutty lookin Girls, Over flowin champagne and bling bling
Zero substance n void of any important messages, just sell your soul for all these material things
it makes me sad thinking my nephews are grownin up in this hell whole of an era
but i aint pessimistic I am Realistic I teach\’em from my own mistakes n errors
we can\’t change the past but we can still do something about the future
don\’t EVER give up hope cuz hope is a rope to climb up from this downward slope
and prayers is like Soap, we all livin a struggle we all gotta make ends meet
but never ever admit defeat till the devil himself knocks u off ur feet
and that shall never be if u always stay close to the one and only Almighty G-O-D
This world is about a fight between good and evil, which side you on huh people?!
Which side you working with, the problem or the solution so pardon my intrusion
but if it aint about Making 2 Paradise than u still caught up in the illusion
News\’s confusion is the fusion of Mind numbing and brain draining delusions
The best trick the devil ever TRIED to pull is TRYING to convince the world he don\’t exist
I see him through the One-Eye Sun God trying to brainwash humankind\’s innocent kids
But no matter how hard he plans God is the greatest of all planners so If U righteous raise up your Fists!
I\’m riding with God all my Life so bring it to me rain or shine I will continue to enlighten minds
Enlighten Minds like Lightening Striking Twice, it\’s only impossible to everybody but the Divine
…. Impossible is nothing if your Mind\’s guided by the Divine… SO GET READY TO SOULSHINE!

©2009 Naibara Publishing Co/ Moe Cash/ I.R.I.E.. All Rights Reserved.

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