I found this series of vids that document and explain in length what\’s really been going, but most people are either completely oblivious to, or choose to ignore. Basically the arrival of the Antichrist.

It\’s 52 parts of like 5-10 mins each, with either no audio or very little. I think the aim of the producers was not to entertain, but rather to awaken our consciousness and awareness. Take your time as you go through each part, carefully analyze what is being presented, process the information, digest it, research it, understand it.

Furthermore, I highly recommend not watching all 52 parts in one sitting, too much information too soon too quickly is too much for the brain to handle (why you think God sent down several Messengers each with a separate chapter of Divine Wisdom, not just in one big shot – same concept here, so don\’t watch all of them right away).

In my opinion, it\’s very well done, props to the brothers (and sisters) who put this together.

NOTE: My goal by posting this is NOT to incite panic or fear or mind-numbing propaganda, rather to sensitize you to reality and spiritually prepare all my brothers and sisters for the end of days, in the event it so occurs in our lifetime.

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