Guess who caught H1N1?

A couple days ago, I started feeling sick, I was coughing, I felt fatigue, I was nautious, my body was aching all over, not to mention headaches and the chills kept coming and going. One thing about me is that I ain\’t too fond of clinics or hospitals all that much. Unless I got a broken bone or dismembered limb or it\’s a life-threatening emergency (God-forbid) than I\’ll check myself in.

Thankfully, I have a good woman in my life that cares about me, she urged me to go to see a Doc. Next day, I went in, the local walk-in clinic had a priority line for patients with symptoms of the H1N1 flu. Within an hour, I was checked by the nurse and then by the doctor who confirmed that I did have the virus. I did not wanna believe it, I thought that maybe I was immune to it somehow… but I guess nobody is.

I wasn\’t prescribed any antibiotics or medication, just 7 days of rest. I ain\’t gonna complain, it is a blessing cuz I could use the R&R time, but it\’s a curse cuz I can\’t go out, be around other people, I just have to stay home… which usually gets me restless and bored. Maybe it\’s God\’s way of telling me to stop complaining about gaining weight since I quit smoking, maybe it\’s to prepare me for the album I wanna release in 2012, maybe it\’s to humble me, maybe all of the above or none of the above. Either way, I\’m here, so might as well make the most out of it, right? RIGHT.

If you\’re reading this and you had H1N1, lemme know what you did to kill the time. Till next time… MAXIMUM BLESSINGZ

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