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(I write this as a reminder to myself and also as a wake up call to all who read)

I believe that God has endowed us all with \’special powers\’, no not like Superman or Wonder Woman, but what I like to refer to as Gifts. Maybe we can\’t fly (which I\’m sure if we unlocked the unused portions of our brains we\’d be able to), but we can do wonders with the talents that God blessed us with.

Like everything else in the world, we\’re faced with a choice: Either to use it for good or for bad. We can either help to create more peace or more destruction, more unity or more divisions, more tolerance or more discrimination. The choice is always left up to us. I have come across many, Many, and I mean MANY talented brothers and sisters that were exceptionally amazing at one thing or another, yet never pursued that talent till the end. Sometimes they feared what others would think of them, uhhhhh I personally was there at one point in my life till I realized, who gives a fuck! I\’m here to earn God\’s mercy and blessing, if I piss off a few people cuz I say the RIGHT things, so be it, if haters get jealous, tough luck for them cuz I ain\’t gonna stop, if doubters think I\’ll fail, I just LMAO and continue about my business. Or maybe these talented people stopped going after their dream cuz they thought that it wouldn\’t amount to anything, or that it was foolish to continue to do so, or that it would lead them nowhere. NONSENSE! Only YOU lead YOURSELF nowhere if you don\’t heed to God\’s Commands and use that Gift to undermine your own success by using it for bad rather than good or by aiming for the wrong dead-end shallow goals. That, like it or not, is the straight up Truth.

God doesn\’t give you a gift so you can waste your time with it. You must understand the potential of the gift you\’ve been given, but even before coming to that moment of self-realization, you need to accept whom you are as well as the specific skill God blessed you with. Once you\’ve made peace with yourself and whom you are, see the bigger picture, see that any gift God gives is to be used to create more good in this world, whether you utilize it to increase faith, or build bridges of understanding, or uplift souls or empower the youth to drop bad habits, that should be the purpose of your gift. Not to get rich, not get recognition, not to earn awards, not acquire fame. All that is meaningless to your soul anyways, when it\’s all said and done, that stuff just pollutes your spirit, infests your mind with negative ego and will eventually lead to self-destructive tendencies. Notice why so many Hollywood stars and singers end up going nuts, or in rehab, or dead… it\’s cuz they either let it get to their heads, or stopped using their gift for good, or sold out their soul for a very cheap price to the devil just to get more popularity or money.

Think outside the box. Think that maybe, just maybe, it\’s not about the fame or the fortune or the glitz or the glamor. Maybe it\’s not even about you, maybe it\’s about OTHERS? Maybe it\’s about inspiring your fellow brothers and sisters in humanity to overcome their fears, to empower them in their own struggles by sharing stories of your own, or just simply brightening up someone\’s day with a very creative drawing? STOP ALWAYS THINKING IT\’S ONLY ABOUT MONEY, OR IT\’S ONLY ABOUT GETTING FAMOUS, OR IT\’S ONLY ABOUT YOURSELF.

It all comes down to this: How you put your God-given Gift to use and what you accomplish with it, is how YOU thank God for it. If you just sleep on it, then it\’s a big diss to God. If you use it for evil or to promote negativity, than you\’re definitely dissing God and pissing all over humanity. BUT…. If you accepted your talent, realized that\’s it\’s a Gift from God, consequently have put it to work, by making it create good unto humanity without it negatively affecting you or your surrounding, than you\’re appreciating that Gift… That\’s how you thank God for it. It\’s not the ONLY way, but at least it helps to demystify some misconceptions about why we\’re talented and what are we supposed to do with it.

Oh, and I ain\’t dissing people that make money off their talent. Hey, it\’s all good in the hood, and all Hood in the Good. God gives you that blessing too. But God\’s testing you. What will you use the rewards of your gifts for? Selfish reasons? Materialistic gains? Or selfless contributions to the worldwide community? To build shelters, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, daycares, libraries, centers of worship? YOU DECIDE.

Peace, Love, Respect
and always in ALL ways…

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