If you believe in God, no time like the present time to Pray. This world is the Devil\’s playground, turning humankind against itself, making us self-destruct. The Devil wants to prove to God that we\’re weak, we\’re easily corruptible and that we\’re not worthy of God\’s love, mercy and salvation. Either we allow it to happen or STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS AND FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN!!!

Why do you think God sent humanity many many MANY messengers and prophets? For who\’s sake? God\’s sake? NOPE! God doesn\’t need saving, HUMANKIND NEEDS TO BE SAVED. Who do you think is behind the gradual destruction, corruption and credibility-dismantlement of each religion, so we would believe less and less in God, consequently making us more susceptible to evil? Uhhhhhh, don\’t wanna name names here but it\’s quite fucking obvious it\’s that miserable jealous hateful deceiving creature that lies, cheats and tempts humankind to give up Faith in God in exchange for more wealth, fame, fortune, or other pointless stupidities that don\’t even matter after we die. Do not give in to the Devil, YOU ARE STRONGER THAN THAT. This is the for the sake of Humankind, for the sake of all of us, for the sake of our future existence, our survival and most importantly for the sake of our children and their children\’s children\’s children!


(As always, if you watch this, watch it with an analytical, objective and intellectual frame of mind. Decipher the information presented, analyze it, research it and make your own conclusions.)

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