ALBUM REVIEW: 50Cent\’s "Before I Self-Destruct"

ALBUM REVIEW: 50Cent\’s \”Before I Self-Destruct\”
$$$$$ – It Doesn\’t Suck, It Doesn\’t Rock, It\’s Just Okay

I ain\’t the biggest fan of Fiddy, but one thing I gotta hand him, is that he\’s the most consistent rapper out there. Others like Kanye, Akon, Lil\’Wayne and even Busta Rhymes have gone Electro, Pop or Rock, but 50Cent has not budged from the style of music he makes. Yea, his topics are always repetitive (guns, drugs, hoes & clothes is all the brotha apparently knows) and his albums lack creative innovation, but guess what, that\’s what makes 50, FIDDY.

This ain\’t B.E.P.\’s The E.N.D., this ain\’t Yeezy\’s 808s & Heartbreaks, this ain\’t Jay-Z\’s BP3, this is 50cent going back to the \”Get Rich Or Die Tryin\” (his 1st album not movie or soundtrack) Days: Hard Beats, Gangsta Lyrics and P-I-M-P Flows. No it\’s not his best work, but it\’s not his worse either, and it sure feels good to hear a Rapper Still Making RAP.

3 hot tracks I recommend from the album:
– Death to My Enemies
– Psycho (feat. Eminem)
– So Disrespectful

Considering that G-Unit & Dr.Dre are completely absent in this album, I still gave this album 3 Dollar Signs outta Fizzive (what can I say, I was feeling generous today). Speaking of Dr.Dre, the world is still waiting on DETOX, LET\’S GO DOC, DROP IT!!!

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