My Journey ~ How IRIE came to be ~

I started this blog so I can share my views about the news, but also share news of the things I do…. I do lotta things, but I stay under the radar cuz I\’m not the least bit interested by the fame, the fortune, the glitz or the glamor.

I got into music \’game\’ to reach out to people, to use the medium of melodies & rhymes to reach an international audience, God-willing to spread a positive uplifting message, so hopefully I can raise awareness as well as the level of global consciousness. Once I got to that point, I was recording tracks like crazy, uploading them up on Myspace and other music sites, slowly building up a fanbase, doing small shows here and there, I realized I can do much more than just make music, I can entertain as well as enlighten. I put my own creative projects on hold, and they\’re still on hold, and it\’s really hard because lotta times I just wanna do my thing, but then again, my thing isn\’t just about doing me, it\’s about doing me by helping others in the industry.

That\’s when I started working on my own label, not knowing exactly what to expect, I just knew for a fact that God Almighty was by my side, guiding me, steering me in the right direction especially in the times when I choose to venture in the wrong way. Anyways, spiritual journeys & many moments of self-realizations later, I put together I.R.I.E., Introspective Records International Enterprise.
I based my business name, philosophy and work ethic on the Rastafar-I notion of \’Irie\’ for several reasons. Irie stands for \’I Respect I Eternally\’, Respect is the basis for any bond, any relationship, any business alliance, any partnership, any thing. If you don\’t have respect for yourself, you got nothing, no one will ever take you seriously. Irie also means a sense of self-centeredness, awareness, consciousness, connectedness within yourself and with the world around you, a feeling of inner and outer peace. Plus, at the heart of I.R.I.E. is Introspective Records, because I seek artists that can see the world from within, from their soul, and project that vision outwardly in their tracks. If it don\’t come from the heart and soul, it ain\’t Introspective, it ain\’t I.R.I.E., it ain\’t irie, it ain\’t what I wanna push or promote.

From there, I.R.I.E. started growing. Till this day and till forever, I will always ask God to bless my business endeavor, because to me this isn\’t just about running a business, it\’s about revolutionarizing how business is done, doing the same old thing differently from others, turning it into a movement that will spread like wildfire throughout the industry…. it\’s just a matter of time before they take notice, but till then, and till the end, I\’mma keep it irie with IRIE, Word Up.

Till next time brothers & sisters,
Peace, Respect and always in all ways…

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