Inspiration OF The Day ~ Nov 5th, 2009

Today\’s Inspiration
Things don\’t always go according to our plan, but sometimes to the plan of the universe.
And when things don\’t go our way, most often than not it\’s cause we have to be more patient to get what we want, or sometimes it\’s cuz the universe is telling us that we should find another way/route to get to our goal or destination.
Whatever the case, never loose hope or give up patience, without it, we\’ll get frustrated at everything, which then consumes us and makes us angry at the world, and that is a miserable way to live… trust me, I\’ve been there many times before so I now I know better and that is why I\’m sharing this inspiration with you. Hope it helps.
In short, maintain patience, keep hope and stay focused if you really want to accomplish what you\’re setting out to achieve. Oh yea, believing in yourself is very important too, giving up should not/never be an option.

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