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This Pyramid is incomplete. I believe Maslow forgot something very important that so many people neglect, deny or choose to ignore for whatever reason (sometimes outta fear, sometimes outta ignorance, sometimes outta spite)… I\’m talking about the Need for Spiritual Self-Realization. That need would be entrenched within & between each other need as well as be separate on its own. Allow me to elaborate.

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The Spiritual Need is the need to understand one\’s own existence, the need to know that something is out there that is greater than all of us, the need to know what\’s gonna happen to us after we pass away, that all this time on earth, all these experiences we all go through, individually and collectively, have a purpose, have some sort of meaning. It is the need to know that all good acts will be rewarded, and bad acts will be punished, somehow some way some day. The need to know that there\’s a reason behind everything, that nothing happens just because, it\’s all meant to mean something in the short, mid and long-term. Some choose to ignore that need, and as a result live an empty life, or live yet feel a big void in their heart, because their heart is lacking faith.

The Spiritual Need transcends through all other needs, because it does provide a sense of security (by providing hope to make it through the tough times), it breeds and promotes love (without it it wouldn\’t be), it reinforces our self-esteem and confidence (by knowing that there\’s a purpose behind our existence), it refines our perception of living a meaningful life (by providing us knowledge and wisdom) and thus, consequently guides us to self-actualization.

Oh yes, Maslow, you forgot a very BIG chunk of our needs… perhaps because he is amongst the many who choose ignore that need so maybe he overlooked it. Nonetheless, best believe it is ESSENTIAL to our Survival, our Need for Spiritual Self-Realization, which then opens the gateway to soulful enlightenment, non-superficial embetterment and non-materialistic enrichment. I also believe once we tend to our Spiritual Needs, then we can truly overcome all the nonsense and negativity in this world, because we\’ll have a bigger brighter clearer picture of the world, we\’ll understand each other more, and we\’ll also become better at taking care of one another and our wonderful world, Earth.

Take a moment, or two or three, to ponder what you just read… if you\’re in touch with your soul, and is consciously aware of your spiritual needs, than it shall reveal itself as true.

-Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™

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