The Gitmo Predicamment

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Obama promised soon after taking office — and many times since — to close the prison, arguing that doing so is crucial to restoring America\’s image in the world and to creating a more effective anti-terror approach.

read rest of article here >>> Gitmo Closing Goal Of Jan. May Slip, Sources Say (NPR)

It\’s funny that the more things -and to quote Pres. Obama\’s famous election slogan- \”Change\”, the more they stay the same. I don\’t think anybody is expecting a miracle here, but the world certainly needs to pray for one… cuz I feel like we might need it soon.

It\’s almost going to be a year since Americans voted for their first ever African-American leader, it was indeed a historic moment of epic proportions. However, if one is paying close attention to what\’s going on, NOTHING has changed. Iraq is still under U.S. occupation (my bad— I forgot, it\’s called a liberation when you free the people but still hold their country hostage and suck all of it resources while putting in place a puppet government, Viva the American Liberation indeed). Anyways, I\’m still waiting on that so-called \’change\’ Barack Hussein Obama promised the world and the Americans…. tic toc tic toc time is ticking, nothing new has emerged, Iraqis Still Want FREEDOM.

Let\’s Go Obama, stop being a puppet president like the rest and show the world your true colors. Don\’t just talk about it, BE ABOUT IT!!!

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