NewsClippingOfTheDay™ – Muslim women uncover myths about the hijab

The hijab, also known as the veil, is the headscarf worn by Muslim women around the globe. It\’s a simple piece of cloth, but it can place young Muslim women in Western countries in difficult situations.

Some hijab-wearers say that strangers treat them as if they\’re terrorists. Others ask them if they\’re a nun — or even allergic to the sun. In some cases, their worst critics are not Americans, but fellow Muslim Americans.

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Firstly, I can\’t believe of all the places in the news network world, is where I found this very interesting story. Secondly, it\’s wasn\’t the typical one-sided bashing of Islam and its supposed oppression of women\’s right (it\’s weak foolish men of all walks of life that are responsible for that), it\’s actually Muslim American women sharing their own personal stories of wearing the hijab and how they deal with all the stereotypes, stares and cruel judgment from others. Finally, to all my Islamc sisters that choose to wear the veil while living in Europe or North America (and every other part of this muthablessin\’ world): \”Biggup, Respect and Stay Strong. Maximum Blessingz unto each and every one of you\”.

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