InspirationOfTheDay – July22nd,2009: PATIENCE & DETERMINATION

Today\’s Inspiration:

Determination is a willingness to pursue your goals/objectives no matter the obstacles/challenges that come your way. Patience is essential to make all that happen, it provides calm, clarity and focus. In other words, Determination & Patience go hand in hand to achieve your dreams.

Tell yourself this: if we all got what we wanted without working for it, we\’d never appreciate the reward, because we didn\’t put any effort in attaining it. Life is all about the journey, the journey to get married, the journey to graduate from school, the journey to build that dream recording studio, the journey to find the right career, etc. In that journey, if you don\’t have determination and lack the patience to go along with it, than you\’ll just get frustrated at every road block that comes your way, which in return will allow negativity to consume you, and as a result your dream is just gonna disappear (POOF!) into thin air.

In other words, whatever your journey is at this moment, hang in there and keep striving for it… I promise you, no hard work goes unrewarded and all your efforts will ultimately pay off.

On that note, I wish all a Very Blessed Day, take care.

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