The Theory of Spiritual Evolution – Chapter 1: Introspective Introduction

Where there is fear, there should be hope
No ma\’ no shed no tears, God-Dieu-Allah will help u cope…
Some Faiths teach 1,2,3,4,5 times a day
I say… Every muthablessin\’ minute of every muthablessin\’ Day
It\’s okay, talking to God IS praying – blocking the mind from going astray
Lack of faith, morality, justice & righteousness within humanity is world gradually decay….
Recession, ain\’t just financial, it\’s also Spiritual
Maybe if we all tuned in a lil\’ tiny bit more to & gave more of our attention/focus/energy/time to a Being much Wiser & Greater than all of us, maybe… just Maybe, the world as we know it, might just be… a Better Place. (I genuinely hope we do, before it\’s too late)

We\’re taught to count Life in days, but it should be measured by how much / how far / to which extent we, as individuals & societies, evolve
All we gotta do is praise: GOD IS GREAT! (side note: IT FEELS SOOOO GOOD SAYING THAT. Fills my heart up with Love, my soul with Faith and my Mind with… Wisdom, what else)
So towards/unto God-Dieu-Allah-Dios-Eloh-Jah we should revolve.
Let\’s be real with ourselves for a moment, Humankind is highly capable of mistakes because by design we were made to be flawed, but that don\’t mean we\’re all bad people, it just means we\’re as much capable of making good sound decisions as we are of making poor self-destructive ones. All we gotta do is ask ourselves a question: What is the Solution?

The solution is Spiritual Evolution, a trans-national cross-cultural multi-faith Global Intellectual Revolution, a cleansing from our own self-imposed mind-soul-&-body pollution, but in order for any of that to take precedence as well as for it to take effect we (individually & collectively) must detach ourselves from what matters not like materialistic illusions, and direct ourselves to what should matter most… a Heavenly eternal Salvation from being damned into evil\’s perpetually torturous Slave Nation.

Not many live to tell, but the tale is always the same… Making Evil Halt.

See… life is a deception, but that\’s only a matter of perception
Which leads me to the following question: Why do we tag ourselves Muslim, Jewish or Christian?
We are all Believers of/in God… Why not call ourselves Believers, but that as individuals we choose whatever lifestyle we personally feels fits best to our soul, whether it be Christianity, Judaism or Islam. Why not base our unity, understanding and mutual respect on that. But that\’s another topic and another step in humankind\’s progress of Spiritual Evolution, which I\’ll save for another day…

To inspire a movement, you gotta be the movement.
This is not a joke, this is real… Wake Up, Rise Up, and Seek Enlightenment. Mute the evil within (in other words, tell the Devil to shut his ass up!) and tune in to your inner-God. Please note I\’m not saying directly or indirectly in any way, shape or form that we are Gods, or that we are descendants of God, but that God blessed us with a connection to Him/Her/It that only we are capable of unlocking. The key? I\’ll tell you next time in Chapter 2 of The Theory of Spiritual Evolution.

Peace, Respect, Much Love and
always in all ways…

-Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™ (M.O.E.C.A.S.H.)
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