The Concept & Philosophy of Faithology: Building Bridges between Judaism, Christianity, Islam and all other Faiths!

This is a re-post of an article I had submitted over a year ago on the citizen journalism site, you can find me there under my pseudonym IRIEchitect and my column is called The Bottom Line. I\’m publishing it again, this time on my own blog, in hopes of promoting a spirit of tolerance, understanding and mutual respect within each Faith and amongst each other. I pray this essay finds you well, and serves it purpose of enlightenment.

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A while back I realized that humankind is easily corruptible, and sadly to say, even when given pure Divine Wisdom from the One Supreme Entity known to many as God/Dieu/Jah/Allah, he will twist it to suit a selfish agenda. Hence, why so many religions have been tainted by bloody massacres caused by the greedy and selfish actions of humankind. It would probably explain why so many don’t want to, or refuse to believe in, or do their best to refute God’s existence. This has been going on ever since humankind existed. I can understand their reasoning, their motives and their lack of belief, so I don’t judge those who don’t want to believe, that is the choice they’ve personally made in life. And believing in God, following and practicing a religion all comes down to a personal and individual choice we each have to face at some point or another in our short lifetime.


I introduce what I like to call “Faithology”, basically a non-threatening non-exclusive approach to believing. Faithology is a concept which unites all Faiths under one notion: That we are all equals in the sight of God, and that we are all worshiping the same Almighty Creator of the Universe. Faithology is not a new religion by any means, it is the acceptance, understanding and tolerance of all Faiths, regardless of whichever one an individual chooses to adhere to. It is the philosophy that we are all here, on this blessed planet Earth we call home, and that our lives are meant to be used to create more humanity, unity, prosperity and love all around the globe. Faithology is based on Faith, that unwavering conviction in God, and that there is a Heaven and Hell that are waiting to determine the fate of our Afterlife. Since religions have long been used to divide humankind (instead of their original intended purpose of uniting us), Faithology serves to put aside our petty difference in order to focus on our many common shared similarities.


Faithology is designed by Peace for Peace, by Love for Love, by Justice for Justice, by Selflessness for Selflessness, by Equality for Equality, by Spirituality for Spirituality. Faithology encompasses all the Divine Wisdom contained within each and every Faith, to bridge the gap which separates them and bring humanity closer together. It is not meant to be used to start wars, but to end them. It is not meant to create chaos, but more stability in our societies. It is meant as a Spiritual, Ethical and Moral compass to help guide humanity unto a righteous path of existence, behavior and lifestyle. For those that do ill in this world, for those that spread hatred, bigotry, prejudice and discrimination into this world, a day of Judgment cometh. Let God deal with them as He/She/It sees fit. We must continue our good work for the sake of future generations of men, women and children to come. It is about helping each other achieve our dreams, individually and collectively. It is about addressing the major injustices and inequalities so rampant around the world. It is about coming together for the people that still suffer in poverty and famine, whether it’s in our own neighborhood, or halfway across the globe. If it affects humanity, it affects each and every one of us.

Faithology balances evolutionism with creationism, in the sense that God has created every living organism in the universe, yet there is still chance for evolution. We are the descendants of Adam and Eve, not monkeys. However, some species have learned to adapt to their environment and the climate. Evolution doesn’t necessarily have to be only on a physical, biological or physiological aspect, it could also be on a mental, psychological and spiritual levels. Each day we live, we have a chance to evolve our being into more just, moral, and righteous humans. Each action is an opportunity to get closer to God, to follow in the footsteps of Humankind’s Greatest Prophets and Heroes. Each conversation is a moment we’re given to enlighten and be enlightened.

Faithology is the exercise of the Power of the Mind. The brain is the most powerful muscle we’ve all been blessed with. We must flex it to think rationally, objectively and analytically as much as possible. Faithology encourages intellectual debates, not verbal warfare. What good is it to insult one another, or to use our tongue to spread hate??? What good is it to speak ill of each other just for the sake of getting under each others skin??? What good is the mind if it’s only used to provoke hostility by invoking negative sentiments towards one another??? What good are any of those things? Faithology is about using common sense to the best of our judgment and abilities.

Faithology is about respecting ourselves, each other and Mother Nature. The goal is not self-destruction, rather it is preserving life on this Earth on all levels. It is about taking care of our own health, and that of the world’s too. Just like intoxicating ourselves it not good for our bodies, the same is with pollution, over consumption and exhausting all of the World’s Natural Resources. It is about finding alternatives to lessening the strain humankind’s growing population is having on our beautiful and green Planet. Faithology is about compassion to the suffering of all people, and of our environment.

Faithology is not about brainwashing groups of people to blindly follow the blind. It is about awakening the masses to the Realities of this World and to our Existence. Life is short, life comes, life goes, and in order for life to maintain, we must breed Love not Hatred, breed Spirituality not excessive Materialism, breed Humanity not Tyranny, breed Salvation not a Slave Nation. It is about using which ever societal circles (i.e. families, communities, corporations, government, organizations, etc.) for the good of all of humankind.

I know, some will read this and think, wow, this IRIEchitect (pronounced: I-Ree-Keh-Tekt) guy is either very naive or extremely Utopian. Not the least bit. I’m a Realist. I’m a Spiritual Faithologist that believes humankind is capable of great wonders if we all put our minds together and work towards the great good for our generation and the next to come. The goal is always to leave the world in a better, more safer and prosperous condition than we have received it… it is the least we each can do for our youth, for our children, for the millions of babies that are still (and will be) born unto unfavorable inhumane conditions. Yes, this world will never be perfect, but we don’t have to make it any worse than it already is. You need only consider all the long history of atrocities humankind committed unto itself to realize just how weak we truly are. We are more developed scientifically and technologically, but what about humanly, or spiritually or morally??? Science and technology should serve humanity, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

Lust, carnal pleasures, meaningless materialistic satisfaction, greed, corruption, and other vices are entrenched in our DNA… but that doesn’t mean we have to succumb to them or let our Faith be weakened by them. It is about rising above and beyond all these illusions which will only leave humankind empty deep inside. Richness of the Soul should be more valuable than richness in wealth. That is what Faithology is all about. The empowerment of ones Soul and Faith to overcome temptation that we face every blessed day in our lifetime. The recognition that Satan (as mythical as some might think that foul creature is, it does exist and manifests itself all over the world in wars, bloodshed, corruption, etc) will do whatever it takes to have humankind fail and sink to its level. After all, this life is just one huge test of our Faith, and our will power to overcome the evil within us, by reconnecting with our Spiritual Side, to yearn for more than just simple earthly pleasures that leave us void, but for cultivating our Hearts & Minds & Souls to become better people, individually AND collectively.


In the end, Faithology is not a doctrine, or a religion, or anything evil that some people will try to associate it with. Faithology is about God, about humankind, about Mother Nature. It is a compass for Spiritual Devotion, Divine Worship, Humanity’s Coexistence, Compassion for each other as well as the Earth… It is about bridging the gap between all Faiths and creating more Unity, Freedom and Justice for the sake of our children and next generations to come. It is about being at peace with ones Soul in order to better deal with all the problems we face in our personal lives and when addressing the major injustices around the world. It is about admitting our flaws, our weaknesses, our imperfections, our lack of better judgment because deep down we’re all made of bones, blood, flesh and organs. Faithology is about looking back at humankind’s history, being proud of our great accomplishments and admiring/respecting/revering/cherishing our Great Prophets, Pioneering Humanitarians and Legendary Heroes, and continuing their work and selfless efforts… not letting it die with them. It is about taking into consideration that all of humankind, from either Faiths, cultures or ethnicities have made mistakes, yet if we don’t learn anything from them then we will continue to make those mistakes instead of using them as lessons to better our world and enable future generations to do the same. Finally, Faithology is a way to practice ones own Faith without fear of being discriminated against, because it will serve to educate (not mislead) each other about all of the Faiths, to spur more understanding, knowledge, communication and tolerance between all of humankind.


I am a Faithologist, who believes in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, with great respect for all other Faiths as well, and not a bone in my body or a fiber of my Soul will ever deny that fact. As I testify before God, I will do my utmost humanly possible best to rise above all this hatred, discrimination, bigotry, racism, religionism, antisemitism and sexism to be a better person, and to empower fellow brothers and sisters to reach their spiritual potentials, without alienating any one or any group of people, to plant seeds of understanding, love and tolerance wherever I go and whomever I come in contact with. I will accept myself for my flaws, and accept the same from and of others. I will face evil for my life is with no purpose if I do not, and the fate of my future children depends on it. May all of humankind embrace God as the answer to their hopes and prayers, not the blame for humankind’s own wrong-doings. May you feel the warmth that carries my Soul, to carry yours Higher. Amen, God Bless and… yes, I shall say it…

That’s The Bottom Line!
Peace, Salaam, Pax, Shalom, Paix.

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