What Hip-Hop are you on? Mine is Faith.

ahhh… the Urban Dictionary, for all knowledge that cannot be found in your ordinary library-approved school-promoted dictiomanary.

the 9 Elements of Hip-Hop Culture / Way Of Life / Movement / Religion? / Music Genre / Entrepreneurialism / Source Of Truth.

See, in my opinion Hip-Hop is, was and will always be about these 2 fundamental principles: Struggle and Survival. Which in essence is what most Faiths are about, and when I say Faiths, I don\’t mean religions, cuz sadly even something as pure as God\’s wisdom has been tainted by humankind… but what can never be tainted is our Faith, our Conviction, that relentless pursuit of spiritual perfection, overcoming our humanly attachments to all this materialism, and….hmmm, kinda went on a tangeant there, where was I?….. oh yea,

back to the subject of Hip-Hop, it began as a grass roots movement of once-oppressed people, who demanded AND fought to be treated as equals…. and even though the struggle ain\’t completely over yet just cuz a son of slave forefathers rose to the highest \”throne\” in the land (right now, in this moment in time, it\’s lookin\’ more like a cleaner-upper-of-white-man\’s-messes -and I don\’t mean that negatively, but they call us terrorists …wait… truth is, we ALL have a hand in either fucking up this world- or… Making It Better— now where was I again?… oh yea) the message within Hip-Hop is loud and clear: Nothing Can Be Gained in this World without Bravery, but all could be lost with no Patience… Through having Faith, u gain Patience and the more patience you acquire, the more you\’re blessed with empowering Faith that carries your soul higher, farther away from hell\’s wrathful flamin\’ fires. Truth straight up is that God isn\’t a liar, your life is a 1-time shot to get to Paradise, but many -myself included- often nelgect that reality in our daily routines. Let\’s get wasted, let\’s party & get fuckin\’ hammered till we get numb and can\’t feel a thing no more, cuz it\’s better to live that way than to actually F.E.E.L.(Faithfully Enduring Every Lesson). That\’s what L.I.F.E. (Lessons In Facing Evil) is all about. What\’s ironic about life is that you have to fail lessons in order learn… but thankfully, that ain\’t always the case (evidence that God does show mercy).

Thank you Hip-Hop for empowering me with Faith, so I can face the world with Patience, and bravely overcome all this hateful judgemental superficial envious prejudice… My hip-hop is Islam, it\’s Christianity, it\’s Judaism, it\’s Buddhism, it\’s Spirituality, it\’s Equality, it\’s Unity, Honor and it is down-right unbiased untainted Righteousness.

This has been another report from Planet Earth World located somewhere in God\’s infinitely vast universe, yet another page in the M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles…

– Moe (with the flow) to the Cash (with the whiplash).

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