Obama puts the O in Ottawa in his 1st international visit as President

Obama-happy crowds cheered Obama\’s seven-hour visit, his first outside U.S. borders as president, and he returned the compliment with a quick stop at an indoor market where he delighted shopkeepers by picking up pastries and souvenirs for his daughters.excerpt from the article: Obama treads lightly in meeting with Canada\’s PM (click here to read rest of story)

The President Big O hits up The O-town, in his first international trip as U.S.\’s Commander Chief Guy that makes all the big decisions for the country with 50-some states.

On a comical note, he almost fumbled one by almost calling Ottawa, Iowa (can you blame the guy, they sound almost the same, minus a few consonants). Close call there Mister Pres, but either way, it was a pleasant re-birth of Americo-Canadian relations, seeing that the previous dude in office -see jackass a.k.a. Bushface a.k.a the #1 Menace to the World- fucked up the strong ties the bordering nations almost always have.

Hope President Obama enjoyed his very short stay in our nation\’s cold capital, and we look forward to having him back… apparently, Big O draws quite the audience wherever he goes (much more than our own P.M.— now why am I Not surprised? lmao)

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