I.R.I.E. Promo: Your invitation to a very SPAïCY night

Come experience the sultry and soulful sounds of R&B singer, SPAïCY (pronounced SPI-CEE). With a powerful voice blessed to touch your heart, her songs will move you, groove you and oh yessss… Soothe you.

Consider this your invitation to spend a wonderful evening in the company of a wonderful soul, surrounded by wonderful music and wonderful people.

See y\’all there.

Mercredi 25 Février / Wednesday February 25th @ 8h pm / Salle Ô Patro Vys 356 rue Mt-Royal coin Drolet Admission / Tickets : 10$ / info : 514-577-6600

SPAïCY\’s Official Myspace Page, CLICK HERE.

SPAïCY\’s Official Facebook Page, CLICK HERE.

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