I.R.I.E. Newz™: HOLLOW\’s album set to drop real soon… stay tuned

If you haven\’t heard HOLLOW, it\’s time you did. Click on the pic to be taken to his official website (it\’s a Myspace page so make sure y\’all add my homeboy to your friend\’s list, aiiight?! RESPECT).

I met Hollow while doing a gig for HitsFM at Bourbon Street West, and let\’s just say, we connected instantly. We\’re both men of music, business and honor. If you know me, you know I ain\’t into pushing bullshit mind-numbing crap and that\’s why I decided to work with this young up-and-coming MC. His flow is on point and his lyrics reflect his experiences in life as well as his aspirations for the future.

The debut album \’The Journey\’ is a compilation of street tales from the countless struggles he\’s faced thus far in life, featuring production by David Hodges, and appearances from Arkayn and White Daddy. Packed with 18 tracks sure to blast speakers, earphones, iPhones and whatever else music can be played out of nowadays. To pre-order your copy of the groundbreaking headbobbing and feetstomping album, just holla at me, Mister M to the O to the E.

Hollow\’s Official Myspace Page, CLICK HERE.

Hollow\’s Official Facebook Group, CLICK HERE.

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