JamOfTheDay™ — "ONE LOVE" by Bob Marley

Bob Marley live in concert in Zurich, Switzerl...Image via Wikipedia

To commemorate the 20-Xth time (don\’t like giving away my age) I experience Valentine\’s Day on this Blessed home we all call Earth, ain\’t no better way to express my love to everyone than a tune by the late yet always will remain great Bob Marley.

One Love
One Heart.
One World.

We Are One, and all we got is One… Jah, Allah, Dieu, God, Dios, Eloh, call \’it\’ what you want, it IS out there, it DOES exist and NO i ain\’t crazy, I just got Faith.

Maximum Blessingz and yea I know V-day ain\’t here yet, buttttt each day should be Eid, Hanuhkah, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Mother\’s Day, Father\’s Day, Earth Day, PEACE DAY, so all this to say: Happy Love & Appreciating One Another Day.

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