Freedom of Choice and the Power to Choose

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\”The plan is not perfect,\” the president said. \”No plan is. I can\’t tell you for sure that everything in this plan will work exactly as we hope, but I can tell you with complete confidence that a failure to act will only deepen this crisis as well as the pain felt by millions of Americans.\”

Obama says stimulus vital to avoid \’catastrophe\’ – via Yahoo! News

A thought crossed my mind the other time, what if Obama is just another puppet… Wait wait… Waittt… I know what you\’re thinking \”MoeCash is a Hater for sayin that\”… right? Nawww, I got no hate bone in my body and God is a witness to that. All\’s I\’m doing is analyzing facts, observing and dissecting the way certain people act, payin attention to what is spoken in order to understand what humanity lacks, and contrasting it with the wisdom that God has bestowed upon us… and asking the simple yet very important question… Is Humankind on Track? Other questions rise, such as which track are we talkin\’ about? Self-destruction, cuz we definitely on track there… Great thing about God is that He gave humankind our most powerful weapon in the fight against evil… Freedom of Choice and the Power to Choose.

Before I go back to my original topic (i.e. Is Obama just another puppet?), I wanna slice and dice what I mean by \”Freedom of Choice and the Power to Choose\”. I only learned these things by paying close attention in the classroom of Life (Lessons In Fighting Evil©). Nonetheless, too many times I let myself get succumbed by temptations, and too times I\’ve done nothing but royally fuck myself over… (well, Not always, but it did happen a lot). The saddest part about caving in to our lusts and desires, to our greed and our superficiality, to our obssession with over-consumption… is that we\’re only fucking ourselves, individually and collectively, over. And I ain\’t talking about no orgy either, I\’m talkin about causing a never ending cycle of pain and suffering unto the planet it self as a living breathing organism (fyi: I do believe that that Plant is Alive… yet slowly dying cuz we\’re killing it with our bullshit) and to everyone living in this world, lived in this world, and will be living in this world. Herien lies the beauty of \”Freedom of Choice\”, We Can Choose which direction we want Humankind\’s course to take, which mistakes we can or cannot afford to make, because deep down… bottom of the line is, when it\’s all said and done, it\’s for our own Self\’s Sake.

By making the Right Choice the Righteous Choice, and the Righteous Choice the Right Choice, we\’ve excersized our God-Given and Spiritually-Driven Motive to Overcome all derivatives of evil that stem from one sole soul-less source…. The Devil. Hence, freeing our mind, spirit, body and soul from his grasp with our Power to Choose… Leaving that foul creature… POWERLESS.

Back to Mister Barack, Brother Hussein, President Obama…. I don\’t think he\’s an evil man (so don\’t get it twisted, aight), but I ain\’t placing my Faith in him either… Nawww, I choose to place my Faith in God and ask God to place his Divine Faith&Wisdom in Obama, to be a Righteous Leader and NOT let all the hype get to his head, nor allow miserably selfish mortals (the ones that only seek their own benefit ultimately at all costs) subdue his Faith in God by trying to control him or distract him from embracing God\’s test for him: his own destiny with Freedom of Choice and the Power to Choose… and given the tall order he\’s stepped up to voluntarily (hopefully, for nothing but the most righteous reasons), I say Obama is a human being deep down inside, like the rest of us, we\’re breakable at some point unless our Faith is always consistently at its best all the time (which is achievable but not without a lot of will power) and even though he\’s really good at keeping his emotions at shore and his feelings in check, it\’s either he snaps and folds in to evil (if he hasn\’t already that is) OR maintain the blessings God has bestowed upon him and carries the legacy of some many of humankind\’s humanitarian heroes before him.

How the next few years with Obama as LeaderOfTheSo-CalledFreeWorld will unfold, is beyond me, but certainly not beyond humanity\’s own Freedom of Choice and its Power to Choose……………. Wisely

and always in all ways…
-Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™

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