Gaza cease-fire ceases – NOT AGAIN!

Obama:  Call for a Ceasefire in GazaImage by codepinkhq via Flickr

US envoy urges stronger Gaza truce amid airstrikes – Yahoo! News

As quoted from the article in the link above:
Late Wednesday, a
rocket fired from Gaza struck an open area in southern Israel, causing no injuries or damage, the Israeli military said. It was the first rocket launched since the cease-fire took hold, the military said. On Jan. 20, Israel\’s air force struck a Gaza mortar squad after it fired 12 mortars at Israel.

Will this madness ever stop?! How many more innocent children must die before we realize we\’re sacrificing our youth\’s hope for a brighter future in the name of what… Killing each other?!?! Destroying one another?!?! WHY?! What for?! Who\’s really winning this battle?! NO ONE. Who\’s Loosing This Battle??? ALL OF HUMANKIND.

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