U.N. chief Ban sees "heartbreaking" Gaza damage – Yahoo! News

U.N. chief Ban sees \”heartbreaking\” Gaza damage – Yahoo! News

Israel had withdrawn most of its force before U.S. President Barack Obama was inaugurated — Israeli leaders seemed eager not to cloud the start of a new era in a key alliance. Obama\’s predecessor George W. Bush endorsed Israel\’s right to defend itself against rocket fire by Gaza\’s ruling Islamists.

Ain\’t no such thing as coincidence, this whole massacre/holocaust brought upon on Gaza was carefully orchestrated and timed to cause as much damage as possible while Fuckface Bush was still in power… and well, since as of today he\’s officially the ex-Pres as well as THE biggest jibrony roaming God\’s green earth, we just have to wait and see what newly sworn-in President Barack HUSSEIN Obama will do. All I gotta say izzzzzz: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, PALESTINIANS ARE HUMANS TOO, NO MORE CHILDREN HAVE TO DIE FOR NO JUST CAUSE AND THERE AIN\’T NO JUST CAUSE FOR ANY INNOCENT CHILD TO DIE!!!

Hope Barack is a man of his words, cuz the world definitely (and desperately) needs Change and More Hope.

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