JAM OF THE DAY™ – Tupac Shakur "Me Against The World"

It\’s only fair to remember Brother Martin Luther King Jr, by also taking time to remember another civil rights activist (yet who\’s very rarely ever acknowledged for his contributions to the movement of progress in the African-American community), Tupac \”Makaveli\” Shakur… If only he were alive to witness what I\’m witnessing… what the WHOLE WORLD is witnessing… I wonder what he\’d say… Wonder what Malcolm X would say… Hmmmmmm…. (gone into deep thoughts) I guess you could say Tupac took MLK\’s and X\’s message to the streets, but added his own flava to it and mixed it with his own life\’s experiences than painted it lyrically as the reality he saw around him. In other words, T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. which stands for The Hate U Give Lil\’ Infants Fucks Everyone. Pac was straight up genius cuz it\’s so true… and sadly, it\’s still happening all over the world, and couldn\’t be any more evident in the Holy Land (i.e. present day Palestine(or whatever\’s left of it) and Israel)

So I wanted to take the time and thank MLK and MLX (that\’s Malcolm X) for Tupac… and thank Tupac (and everyone that came before him and after him that bore the burden of inequality and injustice cuz of their race) for… Obama. Speaking of which, I wonder if soon-to-be-El-Presidente-Americano lissens to some Pac every now and then, while cruising to work or when hitting the golf course… Hmmmm…HOW CAN YOU NOT, TUPAC\’S THAT CLASSIC FLAVA!!!

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