In inaugural address, Obama talks of new way forward on foreign policy – Yahoo! Canada News

In inaugural address, Obama talks of \’new way forward\’ on foreign policy – Yahoo! Canada News

President Barack Obama told the world\’s Muslims on Tuesday that his administration will be looking for a \”new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect.\”

Excuse me??? What the- as my British homeys would say– Bloody hell is he talking about?! Mutual Interest and Mutual Respect… since WHEN have the Arab/Muslim world ever been respected by anybody that ever held office in the White House??? Okay, maybe there was some few exceptions but still, after the last 8 years of constant prosecutions, prejudice and racial profiling, we deserve a fuckin\’ apology for what that madman Bush put us through! I\’m all for peace, prosperity and progress, but not at the cost of selling out one\’s soul or land or family or well being. And why in the world did he single out just the Muslims??? What about the true criminals that just finished murdering, slaughtering and massacring over 1000 Palestinians, out of which 300 innocent children perished?!?!?

It\’s true that the Muslim world needs a shift in it\’s course, I\’ve always strongly and openly opposed any and all tactics that involved violent aggression against innocent civilians; that\’s not righteous, that\’s not Islam, that\’s not what beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught, that\’s not what the Divinely-written Quran preaches either. Just like Americans have elected their first African-American President to clean up their image around the world, so must the Muslim world too, by vehemently opposing extremism, terrorism and all radical-supposedly-Islamic-based fundamentalism.

Perhaps the Mutual Interest part could be working diligently together to eliminate injustice in Palestine first, by giving Palestinians their dignity back, and rebuilding the war-torn oppressed country. As much as I have faith, and I truly seek nothing but the best for the entire world, it just seems too far-fatched for me to believe that an American President, whether white, black, brown, yellow or whatever, will actually stand up against the Zionists and their powerful lobby that has Washington on lock down. No American foreign policy agenda moves forward or gets any funding whatsoever if it does not protect and guarantee the Mutual Interest of Zionists, Illuminatis and Freemasons. And by Zionists/Freemasons/Illuminatis, I don\’t mean my Jewish brothers and sisters who seek peace and unity, I mean power-hungry control-lusting wealth-craving total-domination-seeking sons of biatches that wanna rule the world by any means necessary, even deciet… especially deciet.

To understand more of what I\’m talking about, take time to read the following related article, written during the time when Gaza was getting the shit bombarded out of it, while Obama and his team remained silent. Yes, it\’s understandable he was following \”protocol\” but seriously though, Fuck protocol cuz humanity and the lives of innocent children are more important than any protocol out there.

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