VID OF THE DAY™: Martin Luther King "I Have A Dream" (Anything is Possible)

In honor of MLK day, and to commemorate the realization of his dream (with the inauguration of the 1st ever black President being just 1 day away), I post this up as a reminder to all, not just Americans, that all it takes is a dream, patient perseverance and the willingness to make it happen in order to overcome humankind\’s greatest struggles.  Let not hatred nor discrimination nor bigotry deter you from being truthful to your Faith, to your Soul, to God, to yourself and to your peoples (i.e. ALL of humankind).  It is by being tested that our true worth is shown to us, and it is through trials and tribulations that we learn our lessons so that we may all RISE above all of this world\’s negativity and prejudice and live amongst one another as equals, descendants of Adam & Eve… bros & sisters in humanity.

Peace unto MLK & all his family, Peace unto all the righteous peace activists & humanitarians all over the world, Peace unto ALL of humankind.  GOD BLESS THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

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