Israel declares unilateral Gaza cease-fire – Yahoo! News

Israel declares unilateral Gaza cease-fire – Yahoo! News

No fuckin\’ way, a \”cease-fire\”?!?! Really?! It\’s about TIME!!! Only 1,000+ civilians (including 300+ innocent Palestinian children) lost their lives, and for WHAT?! BULL-FUCKING-SHIT THAT\’S WHAT!!!

Well… let\’s see how long this \”cease-fire\” lasts, cuz honestly, I\’m getting sick and tired of seeing innocent kids getting their heads blown and their homes torn, unto misery they\’re born and then they wonder why the people got animosity in they bones, cuz you rape their women, fuck their land, destroy they lives and wreak havoc into hearts… Extremists are the products of Zionists, that\’s the real deal… Make people suffer and the desperate will rise, so don\’t be surprised if this whole fuckin\’ ordeal breeds more anger, more frustration and more bitterness across each side, only Justice & Righteousness can reverse the tide, but till then into self-destruction humankind will slide.

This world\’s full of injustice, madness and tyranny, all things that our beloved Prophets warned us against… May the Righteous Rise, and the Almighty G-O-D open all our eyes.

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