Ayrab Money VS. Arab Money

The original track, by Busta Rhymes

The reply by Iraqi-Canadian MC, The Narcicyst…

First, Biggup to Narcy for standing up for Arabs and setting the record straight on the current state of affairs in the Middle MuthaBlessin\’ East. Yea, there might be a lotta ballers down there but not everyone\’s rich, especially not in places like Palestine or Iraq. Secondly, WTF was Bussa Buss thinkin\’ when he hit the studio to record this trash? Seriously though, did he think that it wasn\’t gonna offend people, notwithstanding the fact that Arabs and Muslims are currently under a lot of scrutiny, prejudice and discrimination these days? The best way to overcome ignorance is to combat it with intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. That being said, Busta just put himself in my \”I used to dig your vibe, but Not Anymore\” List.

Oh… and FTR, it\’s ARAB not Ay-rab.

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