PowerPoetry: SAND TEARZ

As I write sheddin\’ Sand Tearz,
lookin\’ back at all them years,
loosin so many close peers,
used me than disappeared,
so movin\’ on ahead I persevered
Even though I could tell\’em to kiss my rear
I\’d rather keep my class and steer
my life towards a righteous road
and fill my heart with plenty o\’soul
so I can unleash love all over this globe
it seems cool to be cold
and sometimes it\’s cold to be cool
What can I say, humankind loves actin\’ a fool
Knowledge is wisdom in the universe\’s school

As I write sheddin\’ Sand Tearz, I sit and reflect about life and the world…
popularity and fame, riches and dames
shallow honeys acting lame, fake homeys doin\’ the same
Than nice guys get the blame, and good girls start goin\’ insane
Well…. don\’t be asking for love if you ain\’t ready for it
Don\’t be ready for love if you ain\’t patient to receive this gift
They wanna play the field, but it\’s always the field that plays them
Gettin checked at Heartbreak Hotel to cleanse their system
Boys seek girls… but Real Men know how to cherish Real Women
That\’s just the way it goes, that\’s the way the world flows
Love is a seed ur heart holds, just like a beautiful rose,
Water it with honesty\’s gold, be true and watch it grows
so In case you don\’t know, Love don\’t always blow
And many times you blow away love but don\’t even know

As I write sheddin\’ Sand Tearz,
I wonder will I find my Love, is she even out there…
But then that thought fades into the atmosphere
Cuz I know she is, I feel her in my Soul, she\’s not far
She\’ll love me for who I is, not cuz Imma become a star
She\’s sweet, she\’s fine, she\’s gonna be all mine
But like everything else in life, all in due time
So as I digest every word of this metaphorical rhyme
I keep my love lockdown till she busts open my chest
And together, we shall build the bond for our love nest
Cuz without her, I\’m only half of my best
Without her, all these girls that be half dressed
Don\’t even come close to havin me impressed
So baby… these Sand Tearz are yours to wipe away
Have my babies…. and together we\’ll see our grandkids play
And teach \’em how to pray…. forever in my Soul you can stay

Sand Tearz… writing me writing you writing us.

©2008 M.O.E.C.A.S.H. / Naibara Publishing Co. / I.R.I.E. All Rights Reserved. No parts of or the entirety of this composition may be reproduced or published elsewhere without the proper consent & authorization of its author. Thank you for your cooperation.

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