100 Lessons – Number 3: Life Is a Journey of Good VS. Evil

So far, I\’ve tackled the first 2 of the 100 Lessons the Universe has taught me so far in life… Time for the 3rd:

3. Life is your individual journey of Good VS. Evil. Every day is a test to reach your ultimate spiritual best by following in the Prophets (YEA, ALL OF THEM!) footsteps.

Okay… let me begin by saying I\’m no religious fanatic so this Lesson has more to do with clarity of conscious than anything else. See, if you look at life from the perspective that there are two major \”forces\” battling each other, than you will realize where we all fit in in the greater scheme of things.

Within each and everyone of us, we were designed with ability to do either good… or the opposite, which is bad. People like Hitler, Saddam and Bush, have all succumb to their evil sides but falling for whatever temptations they were allured by. Their motives may be driven by greed, power, control or any other vice evil can use as a device against us. Men who are put in positions of great influence and who are weak to their \”evil side\” cause harm not only unto themselves (by lowering their chances for salvation, entering paradise, or whatever other possible after life scenarios that exist out there) but also cause great damage to the entire world too.

On the flip side, men like Brother Martin Luther King, and women like Mother Theresa, (may God bless their souls) who follow the righteous path of uplifting people, enhancing their faith and stay true to God through acts of goodness are the ones we revere, and whose memories we will forever cherish. Why? Simply because doing good unto others in this world reaps more rewards not only in this life, but the next.

In essence, we\’re all fighting the same fight. Overcoming Evil with Faith, overcoming Hatred with Love, overcoming Tyranny through Justice, overcoming our flaws through meditation, overcoming fears through prayers, and ultimately seeking to become our spiritual best… the best human being we can be. You don\’t have to be rich to be able to make a difference and more good in this world, sometimes donating time is more than enough. Even better is helping by lending your expertise or skills, and we\’re all blessed with those. A comedian can enrich our lives through laughter, a doctor can do the same through diagnose and treatment, and a musician can make you feel like you\’re not alone in your pain.

As for following the Prophets footsteps, whether it be Muhammad, Moses or Jesus (blessings upon them all), that is a personal and individual decision we make with God directly. I\’m not here to say which road is the best, but to demonstrate that any road towards God is worth it in the long run. However, no road should be too extreme because that leads to perversions like Radicalism or Fundamentalism, but that\’s a totally different topic for another blog.

In short, focus on empowering your soul through good positive deeds and voluntary actions of increasing your faith and you will see that life is easier to digest that way. But keep screwing people over, and you keep screwing yourself over in the end.


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