I\’m interested in knowing how many people globally would be interested in creating an international initiative centered around the YES WE CAN philosophy?

I see this as an opportunity for everyone around the world to make it a better place… why? Because… Indeed if we pull ourselves together, help ourselves and aid each other, by cutting the hate over bullshit stuff, YES WE CAN have a positive impact and make a progressive difference in the world. If Americans were able to elect their first ever, African American President, then YES WE CAN put an end to the bullshit in Palestine and Israel. Okay, maybe that\’s a big one but we can begin by resolving some of the more minor conflicts we got and work our way up to tackle the harder ones, one struggle at a time. It might not be an easy road, but no road to repair and healing is or will ever be easy… However, it IS possible… I repeat, Highlighted, and in Bold: IT IS POSSIBLE. Now more than Ever, It Really Is. All it takes is that we believe in ourselves and in our ability to bring about positive progressive change. Why stop with fixing the States? Why don\’t we seize the moment to each do our part to fix our own surroundings, neighborhoods, communities, and so on and so forth. I guess the best way is to stop talking about it, and start BEING about it, myself included. Even if it\’s not guaranteed that Mr. Obama will achieve any change, we can still have Faith and start all trying. Each small act of YES WE CAN goes a long way.

Guess all I\’m trying to say is that we should not let negativity or doubt get in the way of progress by seizing the moment to push forward a movement for societal and spiritual self improvement on a global scale, a YES WE CAN – WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT!!!

All those who doubt that humanity is capable of pulling itself from the \”crappers\” that it finds itself in and make a shift towards the righteous direction I say:


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