Witnessing History: My thoughts on Barack Obama as President.

Before I dwelve into the subject matter, congratulations to Americans for making history, overcoming ignorance, racism and prejudice and voting for a \”colored\” man as their next President. Congratulations to Barack Obama for garnering the support of so many people, not just in America, but from the entire world as well, may this be the blessed journey he\’s been destined to fulfill his entire life.

November 5th, 2008

Yesterday night, marked a turning point in humankind\’s history. I do not know if you\’re into poliTRICKs at all, but the American election was very significant to the entire world. The population of the United States turned out in record-breaking numbers to vote and choose Barack Obama, an \”African-American\” man, as their next President, which is definitely a history-making headline….

However, deep down, my soul tells me not to get caught up by all the hype, that all this is part of a greater scheme of events yet to come… I can\’t explain it comprehensively. I do want change, I do want a man to inspire all of us, I do hope for prosperity & progress, however, my soul has has had this very eerie feeling throughout the entire campaign process leading up to the official declaration that Barack won. I do not want to take away from the fact that the African-American community in the States have come a really long way since the days of slavery, it is an accomplishment we should all be proud of. I do not seek to lessen the achievement in any way, shape or form. I watched the entire speech Obama gave, which was beautiful and eloquent to say the least. He is truly an inspirational man. However, since he is just a man, a mere mortal, a human being, his DNA is innately riddled with flaws… just like ALL OF US. Although he seems \”perfect\” in many ways, and all that he says just comes out right, I\’m still somewhat skeptical.

It\’s not that I\’m hating on Barack, between him and McCain, I did want Obama to win of course. I do pray he will be a man of his words and at this very moment, he does seem so to me. It\’s not that I doubt him, or that I\’m being cynical, it\’s just by considering humankind\’s rich history of deceit, I\’m just being cautious. I believe in him, but I\’m choosing to follow his direction with discretion and an objective eye. I\’m not painting Barack in any negative light whatsoever, nor am I trying to taint his goodness, if anything I pray my gut feeling is totally wrong. Too many politicians came before him and violated the trust I vested unto them. Too many politicians lied and treated the world for a bunch of poor saps. Too many politicians who assumed power got corrupted by it. It\’s not in any way Obama\’s fault, if anything, I know he is trying to repair those burnt bridges and heal those wounds in order to bring us closer together… which is an honorable and commendable cause.

In short, I\’ve come to the following conclusion: I will give the new President the benefit of the doubt, because we all deserve it. Furthermore, I will listen to everything he has to say. However, I will do so with a critical yet objective mind and an open heart. I will also question his actions as well as the honesty behind his motives, only because when humankind fails to do so, we allow tyrants to destroy our world. I will not be blinded by the fact that he is half black and half white on the outside, it\’s the color of his character and the purity of his heart that matter most to me. I will not be swept up by all this hype, but I will keep a close eye on how the media plays on this momentous occasion in American & World history.

In my personal view, Obama will only be as good and as effective as a Leader as the American people\’s own faith in their own ability to bring about change is. In other words, if the people lack faith in their own abilities to be \”agents of change\” than no progress will ever be made, neither within America or the rest of the world, only because Barack will be that kind of President, one that will be as good as the faith & trust that people put in him. As good as he is in delivering wonderful speeches and instilling the \”Yes, We Can\” philosophy in all, Obama\’s legacy rests on the shoulders of each American and their capabilities to think outside the box that Bush forced them to live for so long. This is the time for Americans to shine and showcase why they are so proud to be patriotic citizens of the grand ol\’ U.S. of A.

May God bless the World and the entire Universe,
May the New President stand firm against evil and corruption and lead the world back to a road of righteousness & brotherhood,
May we all take this moment in time to improve on ourselves and foster a new era of spiritual evolution… The Age of Enlightenment.


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