Hoping for The Age of Enlightenment

After watching Mr. Obama\’s flawlessly inspirational speech, I felt a new hope for the world…. a hope for the change we\’ve needed for so long…. hope that finally, after waiting for what felt like forever, the world is anew…. hope that the dark cloud that\’s been hanging over everybody\’s head for the last (at least) 8 years is finally gonna be lifted… and with it….

Gone are the ways of trash talkin\’ politricks
Gone are the ways of lies and cheap gimmicks
Gone are the ways of hooligan presidents
Gone are the ways of divisive measurements

Gone will be the gang of blood-thirsty orangutans
Gone will be their brand of political boomerang
Gone will be the ways of worldly wars
Gone will be the disdain from feeling our own self-inflicted scars

Gone is the 20th century frame of mind
Gone is the blackness and whiteness of humankind
Gone is the hypnosis that made us go humanly numb
Gone is the hypothesis: What IF a Black man won?

Even though some minor doubts still linger in my soul about how effective will be the newly elected Presidential candidate, Mr Obama
(Sadly, it\’s only because Humankind is extremely & easily capable of creating unnecessary drama…)
I got Faith, I believe in God, so I pray FROM THE DEEPEST DEPTHS OF MY SOUL & ALL
That Barack Hussein Obama IS the hope and source of positive change that we\’ve all been waiting for…

And, Gone are the failed ways of yesterbefore…..

…ushering in, The dawn of a new era in humankind\’s journey to understanding our own existence, the purpose behind it, and the goal of it…. The beginning of… what I\’m hopelessly hoping for…

The Age Of Enlightenment.

Got Hope?

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