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The last two weeks have been a blessing, I\’ve had the honor to meet lots of new musicians, artists, singers, MCees and just incredibly creative individuals in general. I\’ve never felt like I\’m on the right track as much as I do now. I know I\’m meant to do something in the music industry, and I\’m finally seeing that now. Big ShoutOut to Spaïcy, Wes\’li, Pepe, Queen Godis & John Banzai, More Progress, More Success, More Blessings.

A few days ago, I woke up with a clear mind and a big decision made. I\’ve decided to ice my Hip-Hop MC career for the time being, not saying I won\’t hit the mic every once in a while, but my own album per say is on hold until further notice. I would like to invest more time perfecting my producing & promoting skills. Never been a fan of the limelight anyways, I think my place for now is behind the scenes, making things happen for all these talented Artists that I\’ve been given the privilege of meeting and collaborating with. God-willing, insha\’Allah, it will be a choice made that will lead to more progress & prosperity.

In addition, I\’m currently in talks with a business-smart brother from Chi-City to hopefully bring our set of artists together and throw down a show that will rock audiences. For the sake of not \”jinxing\” this opportunity, I\’ll wait till it\’s all official before I start spreading the good news.

Furthermore, also in talks with a really chill bloggin\’ fashionista to perhaps combine our passion for fashion and hit up a new joint blog collabo where we can both exchange our thoughts about the style industry. Talks are still in premature phase, but very excited to see what will turn out of all this.

Also, I just finished giving \”The MoeCash Chronicles\” a complete make-over, and I\’m feelin\’ the new look. Hopefully, it will be as pleasing to the eye as it is to the mind. Check it out at

Lastly, I\’m getting the IRIE All-Starz back in the music-making groove, and I\’m very eager to start outputting some fresh new material for our listeners. I wanna drop a collaborative mixtape style album featuring Mighty Kalipssus, Phiraz, Chamzdeen and two of the newest members to the crew, Kes Copeland as well as MC Hollow. This is where I\’ll have the opportunity to really hone my own producing skills, and help each of these very talented brothers with their own creative gifts.

Think that\’s about it… well, at least for now. Looking forward to what\’s coming ahead, hopefully this is just the beginning.

Respect and…

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