The M.O.E.C.A.S.H. Chronicles (Oct 11, 2008) : What\’s been on my muthablessin\’ mind lately…

I just got home from work and I\’m tired as hell
Take a look at my digital courier provided by Gmail
Scoping out all the many messages I receive on the daily
Than I thought to myself: What if God were to ever email me?
Or what if I could write to Him/Her/It what\’s on my mind
Maybe then it would help me to de-stress and unwind
What could I possibly write to the Creator of all the Universe?
Can I even find the right words or put together as clever a verse?
Like a highway of thoughts going hither & thither in my dome
I sit still motionless, than my fingers start moving on their own…
Lyrics pouring down my soul through my mind to my body and down to this electronic ink
I don\’t even take a moment to pause, nor a moment to second guess what I\’m going to think
I just spew forth rhymes that tune together like chimes, and tears flow down my cheek
Who\’s writing this? Is it really me? Cannot be… My Spirit shuts my doubts so my Soul can speak
My Soul feels the world is getting weak, the world future\’s looking bleak, and humankind\’s evil nature is on a nasty streak, so what more does humankind seek?
Evidence of God exists everywhere yet we turn a blind eye to the big \”Guy\” living in the heavens up above in the sky
Than shit hits the fan, man blames man, man blames whoever he fucking can, man blames God for everything he doesn\’t understand, when man should realize God\’s Mercy he should demand…
And God\’s Will is THE ONLY Command,




This is Poetic Potency to stress the Urgency, cuz the state of the World, whether we\’re going to accept it or not, or admit it to ourselves or not, is in an EMERGENCY.
They think I joke… they think my brain\’s gone haywire & broke… but if only the Prophets suddenly awoke, then humankind might finally comprehend that this fight against our own demons is an uphill slope… To wash away sins after you die, they\’re ain\’t no Mr.Clean magic soap…

End of Transmission…

Don\’t look at me, I\’m no preacher. I don\’t look or act like one neither. Where does all this come from then? My Soul…. Is it THAT powerful? What if we all combined our souls to look beyond the physical and into the spiritual, instead of going mental (as in \”loco\”) maybe we should be more intellectual? maybe then we could start really making a difference in this world. Maybe. But till then, shit still gonna happen. People are still going to be asking themselves why does it happen… Vicious Cycle of Shit we live in, I\’m wondering, do people enjoy living in shit??? If not, than why ain\’t there many people doing something about it? Oh yea… FEAR. Fear is what stops people from making a difference in this world. Fear because the system has people tied down to their jobs and silenced. Fear cuz if you should be brave enough to open your mouth, the backlash you would get from doubters, haters, pessimists, fearazoids (people that just live in fear all the time), not to mention family, or your job. Will humankind always live in fear of making things better because something good might actually happen, especially since we\’re such creatures of habit, so maybe we\’re just naturally attracted to creating shit for us to live in?!?! Come on, say it ain\’t so! I honestly, sincerely, genuinely hope not… cuz otherwise, we\’ve only just fucked OURSELVES over, not God, not any of the Prophets, not anything or anybody else but ourselves.

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