100 Lessons – Chapter 2: Proof God Does Exist Share

I have discussed that there is a Balance in the Universe, now to consider what/who is behind this equilibrium. The 2nd thing I listed in my previous article \”100 Lessons the Universe has Taught me thus far in Life\” was:

2. God does Exist, whatever you wanna call the higher force out there, Dieu, Dios, Jah, Allah, Jahovah, El-oh, it\’s out there.

I know many people, and many of them do not adhere to the idea that a supreme being created everything… Some think that Muslim, Christians and Jews all believe in a different God because they each have a different name for the Almighty Creator…. Some think humans were created by aliens in some lab from another world… Hey, to each their own philosophy on life and the universe and how we came to be. However, I will use this opportunity not to judge those who don\’t believe in God, but to elaborate more on the points why I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that He/She/It (in my view, God has no gender) does exist.

The Big Bang Theory… Darwin and the Theory of Evolution… humankind, sadly, has always had an miserable obsession with trying to disprove God\’s evident and very obvious existence. I really do mean \”trying\” because the more they try to prove God is a figment of man\’s imagination, through science or any other way, the more it proves to me that nothing in this universe is by coincidence the way it is. Think about it… The solar system for example: how does that just come from nothing? I\’m no astronomer but it doesn\’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it took an \”entity of infinite intelligence\” to design the stars, the sun, the moon, the planets and all else in between. God is the Architect of the Universe, plain and simple. That grandiose realm of worlds out there is way beyond our comprehension, and as many satellites they\’ll send out there, we\’ll never truly understand how vast and complex the Universe is.

All around us is proof of God\’s existence, just look at how mountains are shaped, how deep oceans are, how the sky can be filled with so many wonderful colors and shades, how the world\’s so complex yet so simply mesmerizing. Did all that just spur from nothing? Have you ever seen something appear out of nowhere? Like a building or a tree or hill just pop outta thin air? Unless you\’re on some heavy hallucinogens, clearly the answer is NO. Thing is, man is just too foolish sometimes to acknowledge it, maybe because of pride, or ego, or arrogance, or all of the above. Those who believe we came from monkeys, I mean come on, I know for a fact that my ancestors weren\’t no chimpanzees, maybe for some losers like George Bush that\’s the case (yea, I had to go there), but for the rest of us, we all came from Adam & Eve (hence, \”Familia Univerzel\”). Lie to yourself, say that you are related to hairy mammals, but just because we share so many similarities with them doesn\’t mean we came from them or evolved from them, it only means that they are our closest \’cousins\’ amongst all the species God has created and placed on this huge green planet we call Earth.

Speaking of evolve, why do people only associate that with biological and/or physiological evolution??? What about mental evolution? Or spiritual evolution? I think humankind is far from where we should be in the 21st Century. Last I heard, and correct me if I\’m wrong, we use only like 5% of our brain\’s capacity… which leads me to think, what the hell can we do with the rest of it?! That\’s where our lack of (perhaps even fear of) thinking outside the box comes in. We only think of evolution in the metaphysical context, never in the intellectual… why? Because most, not all (I will not generalize), would rather live in the comfort of denial. Because instead of smarting ourselves up, we take a sick pleasure in dumbing ourselves down. Acknowledging the fact that God does exist will mean that all our actions here, in this life, will be accounted for, and we actually have to own up to them some day. I know it seems like a frightening thought, but honestly, it should provide reassurance more than anything. I have Faith that people that hurt others in this life, and thought they got away from it, have yet to meet the consequences of their actions. People like Britney Spears need God in their life cuz that\’s how you can tell when someone\’s totally lost complete control of their life… and I ain\’t blaming her, or trying to make her look bad, but just using an example most are aware about since her life gets more coverage than the dying children in Iraq.

In short… and I always try to keep these things short yet they always turn up a few paragraphs long, the point I hope I made was that no matter how much humankind will come up with ridiculous new ideas of how we just came from chimps, and the universe just spurred outta nothing, the more it reinforces my conviction that God does exist, and that He/She/It is the \’divine entity\’ behind it all. Like the plant that grows from a seed, which was no mere coincidence but a carefully detailed design of Life by God, humankind is but one of the many seeds of creation by the 1 Creator we all worship, believe in, seek forgiveness and mercy from, ask guidance and spiritual salvation to.

Respect and…

P.S.: I\’d like to take this moment to wish all my Islamic Sisters and Brothers worldwide a blessed most spiritually uplifting Eid, may the month of humbling be accepted and rewarded for each and all.

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