Chapter 1: Balance & The Universe

In the previous post, I pointed out 100 things that the Universe has
taught me so far in Life…. Now, I\’d like to focus on each point…

1. There is a Balance to Everything: Minus to a Plus, Love to Lust,
Betrayal to Trust, Shine to Rust, Light to Darkness, God to Satan,
Birth to Death, Empty to Full, Good to Evil.

This very simple yet most commonly overlooked Universal Law, is proof
right before our very eyes, one we experience countless times in our
life. In fact, the whole concept of Karma is based on Balance. Do
something bad to someone and it WILL come back to you sooner or later
(usually when you LEAST expect it). That is why it is important to push
good/positive Karma, not just for your own sake, but for the world\’s

The way I see things is that each generation pays for the actions from
the previous one. So, to counter-balance so much bullshit that was done
in the past, we must do GOOD things unto each other and unto this
planet. The climate change they call \”global warming\” is merely a
\”global warNing\” that the balance of our eco-systems is suffering due
to excessive pollution, mass consumption and increasing population
(amongst so many other factors). In other words, the well being of this
world\’s health is about to tip over, it\’s either we change our ways or
it will get far worse for our children, and their children and so on
and so forth.

*Side note: The world is a living organism, just cuz it\’s a \”planet\”
doesn\’t mean anything, it may or may not have a soul -who knows?!-, but
I\’m damn sure this huge rock isn\’t completely dead either. What you
think natural disasters are? We have colds, flus, head aches, and so
many other illnesses. The world has hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis,
floods, etc.

Back to Balance. If somebody fucks you over, in truth, through the
notion of Balance, they\’ve only fucked themselves over. Nothing goes
unaccounted for, that\’s fact. If you\’re good, the balance is your
rewarded for sticking it out and staying patient with the pricks in
your life. So many time this has happened to me. That\’s why i laugh any
time some punk thinks he/she got the best me, little do they know they
just set in motion a taste of their own medicine, it\’s only a matter of
time before they taste it. When they say \”what goes around, comes
around\”, I\’ve personally witnessed it.

Another thing is striking the perfect balance in life. A balance
between the work life, the love life, the family life, the personal
life, the fitness life, and the social life…. Also, striking a
balance between hormones and self-control is important too… Every
time I let my hormones get the best of me, I ended up paying for it
later. For some strange reason, whenever I cave in to my lower-self
(and by that I mean to my primal desires), I end up acting foolishly
and making myself look bad. That\’s how I learned to keep my needs in
check, and that even though we men are pigs (or at least, can be), that
I can listen to my higher-self and be a better person. Although I
haven\’t mastered that yet, at least I\’m being conscious and aware of my

Life also taught me that it is important to achieve a balance between
my obligations to everyone else in my life and my obligations towards
my own soul. I realized early on that getting sucked up by all this
superficiality and materialism left me feeling void. However, once I
started praying more and increased my Faith, my soul felt like it was
soaring. I don\’t think it\’s wrong to be rich or want to own certain
things, but as long as doesn\’t become the focal point of your life, or
the only reward we seek out of anything we do.

Once I picked up on that notion, I realized that there\’s a duality to
everything. First one was God, and Satan. Then it was Heaven and Hell.
Resisting Temptation and Caving in to it. I mean, I ain\’t perfect by a
long shot, nor will I ever claim to be…. but I had to fuck up so many
times before I finally realized what I was doing wrong and how to
correct it. I was not striking a balance and consequently giving one
aspect of my life too much time, while not giving something even more
important the attention it really needed.

That is why it is so crucial to try & achieve that healthy Balance
in everything. Too much of OR not enough of one thing might have
different outcomes but they both come to the same thing, not being
balanced. I still have to learn how to pace myself cuz I still loves to
be so busy and work myself into mental exhaustion and physical
fatigue… but at least I FINALLY grasped what the universe has been
trying to teach me for a very very long time… and for that, I have
nothing but Gratitude to have learnt this lesson.


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