100 Lessons the Universe has taught me so far in Life

1. There is a Balance to Everything: Minus to a Plus, Love to Lust,
Betrayal to Trust, Shine to Rust, Light to Darkness, God to Satan,
Birth to Death, Empty to Full, Good to Evil.

2. God does Exist, whatever you wanna call the higher force out there,
Dieu, Dios, Jah, Allah, Jahovah, El-oh, it\’s out there.

3. Life is your individual journey of Good VS. Evil. Every day is a
test to reach your ultimate spiritual best by following in the Prophets
(YEA, ALL OF THEM!) footsteps.

4. The world is designed to distract you, through you off track, tempt
you, tease you, lure you into spiritual self-sabotage. It\’s all about
will power, patience, persevering no matter the odds, never giving in
to giving up. (one of the Laws most people -myself included- have a
certain degree of difficulty dealing with)

5. You can NEVER EVER truly make EVERYONE HAPPY… so make sure you
make the most important in this universe happy: GOD… by doing so,
every thing will just fall into place, even your own peace of mind.
(since I believe that we have a connection to God within us, than
making yourself happy too is important as long as it\’s not at the
expense of others).

6. The more you succeed, the more hate you will receive. Humankind has
a sickness called jealousy and it\’s cousin, envy. Learn to deal with it
and don\’t let people phase you: that\’s how successful people move
forward. Like Trump said: KICK ASS AND THINK BIG!

7. 95% of the people you know can and easily could fuck you over, so
always cover your ass and don\’t trust anyone. That\’s the toughest
lesson to learn, but if you don\’t, you\’ll always keep getting burned
(been there, done that, till I recently FINALLY learned, there\’s
nothing wrong with NOT trusting people right away, and having them earn

8. Love is different than sex, so find the love of your life that you will have a healthy sex life with.

9. In ANY kind of relationship, communication is the key to its survival, longevity, and success.

10. Communication ain\’t a trait you\’re born with (well, for some
people, yea), it\’s a skill you DEVELOP. Apparently, so is common sense.

11. When shit hits the fan, be a man, accept where you stand, and
defend your plans, and push forward wherever you can, cuz most people
you know DON\’T really want you to succeed, some sickos under the guise
of friendship actually want you to fail, fall and yea even bleed.

12. Leaders are rare. Followers are everywhere

13. Superstition is a trait we all have, but choose whether or not to acknowledge or ignore.

14. History will always keep repeating itself, only difference is
humankind just gets more \’advanced\’ technologically. Humankind just
keeps developing more efficient ways of wiping more souls out.

15a. Speaking of which: WARS always have a cause, a root, a source.
Usually, it\’s humankind\’s greed for wealth, lust for power, hunger for
more territory.

15b. Greed, Lust for Power, Temptations, Cruelty, Injustice, Crime,
Murder and all other sins all have 1 thing in common: they\’re the
Devil\’s devices to make humankind succumb to our lower-self\’s vices.

16. You can do your best to be a gentleman with sincere intentions,
some women will just think you\’re \”weird\” cuz they\’ve only dealt with
losers and assholes all their lives, so they\’re just not used to it.
Don\’t change, drop\’em and MOVE ON.

17. It\’s a fact most -if not all- women will deny: Young Girls usually
are more superficial and dig assholes, Mature Ladies know that looks
aren\’t everything and dig ambitious & confident men with drive who
can provide them security (emotional, financial, etc.), Bitches just
dig guys with money (the more you got, the less they\’ll care about your
looks). Now, you know how to tell the diff between girls, bitches and
real women.

18. Don\’t even bother trying to CHANGE people, even if it\’s for their
own good, they\’ll never get it. Let them grow on their own time. You do
your thing, let them do theirs. Oh, and careful cuz sometimes the more
you will try to change them, the more it will change you.

19. If you can\’t change something, change the way you look at it.

20. When you analyze, you paralyze. Stop over thinking everything, stop
sweating all the small irrelevant things that don\’t even matter. Always
stay focused on the bigger picture.

21. Karma works, sometimes in your favor and sometimes not, all depends
on your actions from the past. Be good unto people and life will be
good unto you.

22. There is street smarts, there is book smarts: both are essential for survival.

23. Negative energy is excess baggage: get rid of it.

24. Positivity is crucial, but must be balanced with a realistic outlook on the world.

25. Ignorance ain\’t bliss, it\’s anti-intelligence.

26. Nobody should care more about your own finances more than your own
self. Don\’t rely on others to help you, help yourself first and
everything else will follow.

27. 95% of the world is selfish, it\’s a fact. Everybody is out for themselves, NOT YOU.

28. Reading is fitness for your brain, never stop working out that muscle.

29. Men are generally pigs, yes, it\’s true. However, that\’s a generalization, there is still decent guys out there.

30. Not ALL women are bitches. Not ALL are materialistic. Not ALL are
superficial. Just cuz one or two or three or more break you heart,
don\’t hate them all. It takes time to find the right one.

31. Every one has a cross to bare, you\’re never alone, God is always there.

32. Peace doesn\’t make governments money, Wars do… and since we live
in a world that revolves around money, conflicts will never cease, even
though I pray for understanding within humanity to increase

33. Tupac said it best and it\’s true: Only God can Judge Me.

34. Caring too much about what everybody else thinks of you will make you miserable. Live, let live and be yourself.

35. Ain\’t no such thing as a free pass to fuck people over and get away
with it: if Karma don\’t catch up to you in this life, on Judgement Day,
your own actions will… They will speak for themselves as well as for
your eternal fate.

36. 90-97% of the people you know are in a debt, but nobody wants to speak about it.

37. Girls that crave attention are trouble, stay away from them.
Insecurity will lead to fits of jealousy and countless meaningless
arguments about the dumbest shit ever.

38. Expect less, serve more.

39. Nobody knows you better than you… and God… oh and maybe even your mom too.

40. 2% of the people you know actually have courage, and the balls to
stand up and speak for justice. Most are indifferent to the world\’s
pain or just don\’t think they can actually make a difference… or are
just afraid.

41. Lots of people are still stuck in high school mentality mode: drama & gossip occupies most of their boring life.

42. In general, most people are fast at judging the behavior and actions of others, but very reluctant to do so of themselves.

43. Stooping to other people\’s levels only leaves you with a bad taste

44. No matter what you do, even if you have the purest of intentions,
don\’t assume that people will see it that way too. We live in a
perverted world, so most people\’s views of you are biased because of
their own life experiences.

45a. Fact: Guys that just wanna fuck will always be the strictest when
it comes to their sister(s) or their daughter(s) because they will
assume all guys are like them… cuz it\’s \”impossible\” to be a guy that
can control his sexual appetite (well, at least, according to them).

45b. Always aim to be the guy who\’s in control of his urges, and NEVER the other way around.

46. Be in control of your life, take the wheel and take charge. If you
get lost, it\’s OK to ask for directions (preferably from people with
more experience, or even ask God directly)

47. Only 3-5% (which is slightly over-exaggerated) of the people you
know will actually give you the benefit of the doubt, others will
automatically assume the worst in you.

48. Most friends you have are just acquaintances. Only a handful of
people are truly your ride or die homeys, ones that will never let you
slip, if you do they\’ll tell you straight up you\’re fucking up and if
need be, catch you should you fall. Others will actually plot behind
the scenes between each other to make sure you fail and look like a
fool. Harsh?! No, not really.

49. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS. But be friendly yet fierce with whom you do business with.

50. Always write up contracts of liabilities and responsibilities when forming any sort of business alliance or partnership.

51. Life is about serving, the more you do, the more blessings you earn.

52. Volunteering is NEVER EVER a waste of your time. It\’s FUN.

53. There\’s a million and one ways to interpret any single action you
do or make, most will interpret it their way and according to what
they\’d do if they were in your shoes.

54. Girls that think you\’re \”being weird\” (when your just being friendly or nice) are not worth any of your time.

55. Girls that lack sense of humor should also be avoided.

56. Confidence goes a long way, find it, keep it, maintain it and don\’t let anyone (yourself included) destroy it.

57. Always SMILE in the face of adversity, but stay Serious and Focused.

58. There are always other alternatives to partying or spending money,
all it takes is a a lil\’ bit of creativity to having fun without
wasting the funds.

59. Mo\’ Money, Mo\’ Problems, Mo\’ Jealousy, Mo\’ Hate. Just be grateful
for whatever you got, but if you got more to spare, than share in a way
that\’s fair.

60. Hope is the sister of Faith, who are the children of Love and
Patient Perseverance, who are part of the great family of Spirituality.

61. ALWAYS THANK GOD for Everything You\’re Blessed To Have. Give Praise
to the One Almighty, through Prayers or random acts of kindess unto
others. It Does The Soul Good.

62. Apologizing for making a mistake is the most humbling action ever, even if it\’s a mistake you did not mean to make.

63. Forgiveness is so rewarding and spiritually uplifting. However,
forgive but never forget. The benefits of forgiving somebody are under
appreciated and over looked.

64a. Getting mad or getting even… or both? From personal experiences:
NEITHER AND NONE OF THE ABOVE. Forgive, let live and move on to bigger
and better things… in other words: Don\’t Give Misery any Company.

64b. Always stand up for yourself and don\’t take any bullshit from
anyone (tell them off if need be, without compromising integrity). If
they fuck you over, they\’ve only fucked themselves over in the long
run… so keep living, moving forward in life and having fun.

65. Always put aside money for a rainy day.

66. Don\’t depend or rely on anybody but yourself.

67. Family will drive you nuts, but love them no matter what.

68. Don\’t tell your boss about your personal life, they don\’t need to know what you do outside of the office hours.

69. Never mix business with pleasure, but take pleasure in your business.

70. The less people know about you, the better it is. Your \”business\” ain\’t nobody else\’s business but your own.

71. Always stay calm, cool and collected when problems arise. Be the problem SOLVER, not the problem STARTER.

72. Cut ties with anyone who\’s gonna steer you in the wrong direction.

73. If someone\’s fucked you over once, they can (but not necessarily will) fuck you over again.

74. Long distance relationships are tough, yet do-able. Not recommended
to people with uncontrollable sex drive, zero amounts of faithfulness
and no patience whatsoever. Long distance relationships ride on love
and LOTS of work from both parties involved to make sure they stay in
touch and keep the flame alive.

75. Love ain\’t easy, never will be, never was. Yes, some find it sooner
than others, but never ever EVER give up hope that you too will be
blessed to find it. (message to self: remember this one next time my
heart gets broken again).

76. Life was designed to challenge you, in order to bring out either
the best or worse in us. What it does bring out of us depends on the
CHOICES we make.

77. Life, the infinite endless realm of choices. Every second is a decision made and taken.

78. Life, it\’s all about timing. One second too soon or too late makes a world of difference.

79. Drinking and driving: NO, NEVER, AND NOT ANY EXCEPTIONS.

80. DO YOU! cuz everbody else is (word to Russell Simmons)

81. Dream Big, the bigger the dream the better and put it out there in the universe.

82. Never loose sight of your vision or your life\’s mission.

83. Just because you failed today, doesn\’t mean you cannot succeed tomorrow.

84. Women use sex to get love… Men use love to get sex. Just keeping using my soul, and insha\’Allah, will get it all.

85. Just because they say you\’ll never make it doesn\’t mean you won\’t. Never let negativity infiltrate your mindset.

86. Everybody\’s definition of success is different… yet,
coincidently, 90% think it means having more money, bigger houses,
faster cars and the nicest clothes. The 10% left just wanna live simple
happy healthy lives doing what they love.

87. Always follow your gut instinct.

88. Never follow a dream if you lack the passion for it.

89. Don\’t believe everything you read, hear or read. Use your God-given
sense of right or wrong to make a better appraisal of any given

90. If your life isn\’t hard, you\’re not trying at all.


92. Don\’t over do the sushi, too much can cause stomach pains.

93. If God brought you to it, God will bring you through it. The more
hardships you endure, the more God will know your Faith is pure.

94. Admit and accept flaws, but work consciously to correct them.

95. Listening to women helps to become a better more wise well-rounded
down-to-earth man. Nothing wrong with having lots of female friends, so
make sure any girl you date is aware that you hang out with a lot of
girl-just-friends so that they don\’t get jealous very easily.

96. Flirting with women and playing women are 2 different things, but
since most guys who play women usually flirt with them, the guys that
flirt innocently (or just for fun and laughs) usually get the bad rap
for it.

97. Assholes ruin it for the rest of the good guys.

98. Respect, like trust, is EARNED not given. Stop giving it away!!!

99. Never forget that there is always One there no matter how many
other will turn their back to you. So, never ever underestimate the
power of prayer: it brings peace to the mind, comfort to the soul and
rest to the heart.

100. God is Great… God Is Great…. and no matter how many people will deny it: GOD IS THE GREATEST!!!

*** These are just some of the lessons the Universe has taught me. Of
course, there are a million more… with a billion more coming ***

-Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™

©2008. All Rights Reserved.

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