A really good business advisor of mine told me something that stuck with me that I wanted to share with yall… She said (yea, it\’s a she, women got lotta wisdom dudes so lissen to them!): Moe, you\’re complicating things with this 3-in-1 artist concept you got going on… Simplify it for the people… Focus on one thing…\” You know what she was right… I dig when people just tell me the truth, not bullshit me or themselves… see, people that Bushit (typo intended) all the time, are the ones that start wars, cause destruction and havoc all over OUR blessed world… (my bad, did I go too deep there? aight, lemme pull it back a notch or two)…. So, getting back to what I was saying…

I am in the process of rebuilding myself up, not just as an artist, but as a businessman, entrepreneur, people motivator, and most importantly, a human being… Everything I\’m going thru right now, is God testing me and humbling me… and I\’m fully aware of it… I wasn\’t heading in the right direction… so now, I gotta destroy and rebuild… from scratch, naaah scratch that scratch, from bellow the bottom up!!! Fucked up credit, yea, who doesn\’t deal with that bullshit nowadays?!?! Credit, the best damn way they can getcha by the balls… LITERALLY. Anyways… I got some beef with the system, which screwed me over and continues to do so cuz I ain\’t willing to work with it… ah well, Fuck The System… let\’s Rock, Roll N Soulshine!!!

Respect and…
– Moe-MuthaBlessin\’-Cash

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