The Corporation. The System. The Slavery.

For the last 2 years or so, I have devoted my time, focus and energy on my passion in life.  Though it hasn\’t generated the revenue I would need in order to expand & develop my business projects, it has given me a sense of achievement and an ego-less pride.  By that I mean that I am forever grateful to which ever force is out there, in other words God, to have been given such an opportunity, where most people just never get that sort of break in life.

Working independently has forced me to continuously motivate myself and especially the team I work with.  Building an empire that I pray I can pass on to my children (and the rest of our youth) some day, and doing it mostly on my own from the ground up is quite the endeavor to say the least.  Every day is an opportunity to learn something new, not only about the world but about myself as well.  It also pushes me to learn and teach myself how to do certain things (like web design, graphic design, etc) that I did not know how to do before.  However, as great as the experience has been thus far, it is time (and I can feel life agreeing with me too) that I return to the \’slaughterhouse\’ we call the work force. 

I know it sounds dark how I present it, but it\’s truly how I feel when having to work under a large corporation, and even though the pay and benefits are good, and I do meet lots of cool people, there is rarely ever any room for spiritual growth in those settings.  You might be thinking: \”Well, it\’s just a job, you work to earn money and to be able to sustain yourself and provide for your family.   What\’s spirituality got to do with it???\”  Very good question, and the answer is: A LOT.  Allow me to elaborate.

In almost every job I\’ve had, it always boils down to the same thing: Come in, leave your heart and freethinking mind at home, pretend like the outside world doesn\’t exist, ignore all your problems from home or social life, and just be a good do-what-you\’re-told-don\’t-ask-too-many-questions-and-kiss-our-ass mindless robot drone.  Where\’s the satisfaction in that?  Where\’s the spiritual reward in that?  It is really sad how our world revolves around money.  It\’s even sadder that people allow themselves to be shackled by the superficial idea of what success is.  And the best part of it all, is that it is so easy to control the masses, it\’s a device you bust your ass to maintain in good standings and God-forbid you should fuck it up once, you\’re screwed for life!  It\’s called \’The Credit Score\’.  Yes, you work hard, so you can get that car you want… and then, you keep making payments like a mechanical machine, so you can apply and hopefully get approved for a mortgage for that house you want.  It never ends… Are we all just Living to Work?!?!

I\’m not saying to give up your jobs, but that I\’m just fed up of this whole system, where our personal freedoms are taken away, and we\’re just expected to work our asses off only to keep making the rich man richer, so they can drive luxury cars, and go on vacation half the year, and sip that fine wine that\’s been aged for decades…

My friend told me yesterday, sometimes you gotta do things you don\’t like in order to do the things you want.  I\’ve paid my fucking dues okay.  I served my time in the corporate world, what else do they want from me? My Mind?  My Blood?  MY SOUL?!?!  Without a job, without a steady stream of revenue, you\’re basically paralyzed.  You need money.  You can\’t keep the lights on without $$$.  You can\’t drive or take the bus to school/work without $$$.  You can\’t go to school without $$$.  You can\’t buy books without $$$.  You can\’t leave the country and explore the world without $$$.  You can\’t surf the net without $$$.  You can\’t eat without $$$.  And soon enough, you won\’t even be able to breathe without $$$.  Trust me, if they- the powers that be- could find a way to charge you for the air you breathe, they would. 

My outlook might seem kinda bleak, but in all reality, I\’m just being real and realistic.  That\’s the way it is, whether we like it or not.  They\’re so eager to give you credit cards and loans as soon as you hit the legal age… why?!  So they can grab you by the balls for the rest of your life and suck as much money out of you as they could.  Like Cigarettes which create a dependency, Credit is the same fucking thing, yet nobody realizes it.  I\’m sure if it was legal to give kids a credit card, they\’d be passing out Visa or MasterCard brochures in grade school.  It\’s a sick world, or maybe I\’m just the only one that sees that.  Or, could it be that the people are just too blind-sighted by the stress of dealing with making so many payments a month and making them on time so they don\’t jeopardize that all glorious credit score, that we don\’t even realize what the fuck is going on around us.  Like that commercial says \”What\’s in Your Wallet?\”… I\’ll tell what\’s in everyone\’s wallet: The Greedy Hands of High-Interest-Charging Soul-Sucking Crooks!

(a deep sigh)

That is what my Rasta Breddrens refer to as Babylon… also known as \’The System\’.  You can pretend it doesn\’t exist.  You can deny that you\’re unhappy living like a robot working for a corporation that probably doesn\’t give a fuck if you live or die.  But that is what the world is now, and how it works.   As for me, it\’s back to hunting jobs, getting interviewed and knowing full well what\’s awaiting me… The same old bullshit that awaits every one every fucking morning they wake up:  The Corporation.  The System.  The Slavery.

Respect and…

M-O-E-C-A-S-H™ (Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity™)

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