Against All Odds

I am my own worst enemy
Nobody destroys my confidence and ego more than I do
I can tear myself down, break myself apart… and not even care.
Thank God I have Solid and Stable Souls around me that keep me going, otherwise, I would be lying breathless in the back alley of some street some where.

We all encounter our own fair share of hardships… Look at Britney Spears for example.  Most mock her, I don\’t advocate what she\’s doing and she could be making better choices for herself for the sake of her children, but who am I to judge her?!?!  She\’s a human being, she\’s got flaws like you, like me, like everyone else… Yet, we like to scrutinize every move she does… instead of scrutinizing all the Bushshit happening all around us.  Here\’s an idea, maybe Just MAYBE, this is used to distract everyone from what is really going on around the world and make them focus on meaningless mind-numbing Bullfuckingshit.   Or I could just be hallucinating, cuz she seems to get more coverage than the WAR IN IRAQ.  You tell me.  If it\’s not her, it\’s Anna Nicole Smith or Michael Jackson or some other celebrity they can dissect with their judgmental microscope and feed us more crap that couldn\’t serve us any good whatsoever.  What is beyond sad, is the amount of people that actually tune in… hey, I\’m find myself intrigued at times but then I wake up and realize, it\’s just more nonsense that I could spare my mind from.

By the way, speaking of mind… what happen to intelligence???  Seems like Ignorance is \’So Hot and like Oh my God, So Totally In\’… WTF?!?!  Is it me or has the world slowly began dumbing itself down back to the ice age?  All I see and hear around me is stuff that makes me wonder, when did we start accepting stupidity as a fashion statement or role model or as a trend???   It seems like the dumber you can be, the cooler you are… Oh yea, that\’s also just my imagination too, riiiiiight?!  I don\’t care what you think of me, and quite honestly, I\’d rather you hate me if you could as long as I know I am not lie-ing to myself or to God or to the people.  Intelligence is not your I.Q. buddy, it\’s more than that.  It\’s how smart you are in life and in the decision you make.  Hey, we all make some really dumbass mistakes, but the difference between a dumb s.o.b. and an intelligent person is what they learn from their mistakes and how they apply it next time they\’re faced with the same choices.  If you don\’t learn anything, just go ahead and say \’I Give Up On Life\’, cuz whether peeps realize it or not, Life is a School and it teaches you something every mothaBlessin\’ day you\’re alive.  You\’d think people would learn how to pick a Wise leader by now, but I guess time and time again, we\’re reminded of how much wisdom and common sense have become a rare thing as time progresses.

I am my own worst enemy because I always expect results right away… but life don\’t work that way.  See, I don\’t think of making it large in this life as success, yea it\’s a bonus to be rolling around in some fancy exotic car with a drop dead gorgeous dime by your side and a pocket fatter than your bladder, but take that shit away and you\’re nothing but a soul filling an empty hole inside your core which we all have a tendency to ignore so as I write like I\’m flushing metaphors, I encourage you to explore all the other non materialistic things life has in store, like the sun kissing the seashore at sunrise or the sunset while you next to the one you adore, are you getting a visual or how about dedicating our living to giving not just expecting to be rich and famous, and when others get that spot, we taunt them, follow them around, hound them, suck up their privacy with lenses that flash, instead that attention could be given to those that desperately need some cash, and a better health care system, to unfavorable circumstance they are victims………..

Against all odds, I shall persevere patiently to see things clear with my Soul\’s ear so my mind can Steer and overcome all of my fears, till the end where the earth will shed tears, and God-willing I\’ll be one of Heaven\’s peers.  I\’m just one dude, I guess most people will think me as weird or nuts, Good for them, and sadly, if only they knew better, they\’d know judgment others only shows self doubt, weakness and insecurity.  If we all worked on ourselves, we wouldn\’t waste time criticizing others (like Britney or Michael or whomsoever is next in line for sensationalism\’s splurge), we\’d be working to make this world a better place… One Human Being at a time.  It all starts from within, now is the perfect time to begin, count your blessings versus your sins, and if you feel like the devil will grin, you\’ve still got a chance to win, and let Faith fill you from within, and bliss will be your skin, because you\’ll know deep down, we\’re all kin, and only God is the True King… Against All Odds is my fight against my own demons, my own flaws, my own mistakes of the past, my own weaknesses and my ego.  The way I express it evolves into poetry and music, rhythm and tempo, sacrifices and setbacks, but I keep treading that path, where the few choose to take, wondering who\’s Really Real out here???  Only the Brave walk straight into the light and not blink, because they know that Faith and their Soul is the link, and what\’s at stake is mankind going extinct… or have you not realized, we\’re on the brink???  On no, of course, what a horrible thing to think….

Open your Mind… I repeat… Open Your Mind. Stop being afraid, and face your fears.  Fuck fearing fear, or fearing that the end could perhaps be near -and I pray it ain\’t- but if we don\’t live everyday like it\’s our last, our future could quickly become like our past.

Much Love,
Respect and….


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