So Annoyed


Wussup Brotherz & Sisterz,

I have to get some things off my chest…

I am so sick and tired of all the B.S. I hear on the news, is it me or is everything so negative around us? How are we supposed to raise children in this madness and mess we call World??? I do want to have a family some day, insha\’Allah God-willing, but considering how things are, the economy slowly falling apart, the cost of living increasingly expensive, the mediocre state of our health care and education systems, the corruption that\’s everywhere… sorry if I sound negative, but I am only pinpointing the facts. I don\’t want to sound pessimistic because I do have Hope for Humankind.

I wonder how many people actually give a shit, because the darkest days are yet to come if we all just give up Hope… and Faith. So many criticize God, blame Him*Her*It for all the problems, yea well we brought those upon ourselves. Haven\’t we learned anything from the Messages of so many Divine Messiahs?! It\’s no preacher talking over here, it\’s a Human Being that\’s concerned for the lively hood of this generation and the forthcoming ones.

What people don\’t realize is that each generation has an obligation to the next. In other words, it\’s on each generation to try their best to make the world a better place for the next. Now, between you and I, we\’ve been handed a pretty shitty world to say the least. We have to deal with the casualties and consequences of 2 World Wars, a Cold War, Political and Economical Chaos, the spread of Evil supposedly religion-based Ideologies and the shit list goes on. AREN\’T YOU FED UP?!?! AREN\’T YOU PRAYING THAT SOME HOW SOME WAY SOME DAY, IT WILL GET BETTER?!? If you are, Than You\’ve Begun the Change— correction, The SHIFT of the current course humankind is taking, which is towards Hope, not towards Self-Destruction .

Yes, we\’ve all partied a lot, some still are, there\’s nothing wrong with that, we\’re here to have fun too, nobody\’s denying that fact. But, Let\’s Wake the MothaBlessin\’ UP and Start Making a Difference Together. I don\’t know where to start, but I know that writing this is probably part of it. Our Generation NEEDS to do something, because we\’re next in line to take over the mess the previous generation(s) left behind. Are we gonna make the same mistakes they did? Or are we gonna be smart about it and learn from their mistakes so that we don\’t repeat them??? We\’ve been blessed with powerful humans that came and left in the 20th century, namely Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and so on and so forth (May their Souls Rest in Paradise). They were talking not just for their generation, but for us too.

Most of us are too involved in our lives, with bill payments, keeping up a good credit score, maintaining our jobs, taking care of loved ones, going to school, that we probably don\’t really realize what\’s happening \’out there\’ affects each of us, and touches so very close to home.

I want Hebrews and Arabs to coexist and live in peace, I want Muslims and Jewish people and Christians to realize that we all believe in the same God, I want Peace Restored to Iraq Palisraeltine Afghanistan and where there is still bloodshed going on… I want a Better World for Our Kids… Don\’t You?

If you believe in Peace, let me hear you say \’AMEN\’
If you believe in Justice, let me hear you say \’AMEN\’
If you believe in Freedom, let me hear you say \’AMEN\’
If you believe in Equality, let me hear you say \’AMEN\’
If you believe in Unity, let me hear you say \’AMEN\’
If you believe in Love, let me hear you say \’AMEN!!!\’

Maximum Blessingz,
Man Of Entity Calling All Spiritual Humanity

©2008 I.R.I.E. All Rights Reserved.

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